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Hey November! Lookin'... hot? :/

I'm a little dissappointed in Halloween this year. I felt very blah towards everything. Part of me really wanted to put on a spectacular costume and go out someplace. The other half just wanted to put somthing fun& comfortable on and wait for trick-or-treaters. Considering the fact that I have nothing MAINSTREAM to wear that looks awesome, and the fact that I was feeling so blah bout it all, I stayed home to pass out candy. I think the rest of my street was in stealth mode this year, because the neighborhood was pitch black. Unfortunately, we only had three groups of kids come by. I was kind of sad. I felt like I got dressed up for nothing.

I do it because I think it's fun for the kids to go and ring a doorbell and not know who is going to come out, or what they'll be dressed as. As a kid, I always remembered it being fun. It seems like every year, there are fewer and fewer kids hitting the neighborhoods, so I wanted to try to make it as fun for them as it was for me. I do remember one year we went to a mall event and trick or treated at stores.. and it seems like that's what most families do now. Well-lit public places, strangers who are at work and held accountable for themselves, etc. I suppose it's a lot safer than wandering around in the streets, but it just doesn't seem as fun.

There were some really cute younger kids that were super excited about what I gave them. The ones I will remember for a long time, though, are the blonde boys that came in a group. They were maybe 8-12 ish, and looked very sullen. I opened the door and they just stared at me. Very grouchy. They didn't dress up, but I can't hold that against every kid. Not everyone can make or get costumes. I remembered we always pulled somthing together when I was little. I honestly can't remember how many years in a row I went as a black cat, though. I just loved that costume XD Anyway.. these boys were super bitchy! I opened the door and they just stared. So.. I asked them what they were supposed to say and held out on the candy until they asked :P The younger kids seemed really excited to finally get to say it, like they were waiting for a cue from the older boys. The older boys just grouched "trickertreet" and continued to look really angry. :O Man!

Anyway.. I'm really hoping for cooler weather soon. We had two nights where the house got downright chilly and we got to run the heat. Today, though, it was warm enough for me to smell the roof chemicals again :(
I don't know why I seem to be the opposite of everyone else, but I don't really do this whole spring cleaning thing. For me, it seems like I always want to tackle my big cleaning projects in the fall.

I'm going to try to liberate the table in the computer room. It's not a particularly attractive table, but right now, it is my enemy. It is the disease of the computer room. It's a clean surface that no one is accountable for, so all sorts of things get stacked up on it and forgotten about. It's been my goal all year to try and get it out of here and into the spare room where it won't threaten anyone with it's empty surface area. However, everytime I start to work on it, I'm blocked by piles of stuff I don't know what to do with. Most of it being Matt's. That's my biggest barrier in housecleaning. I know what I can and ca't throw away for the most part, but when it comes to the Matt, I don't know WTF to do with some of his things.

I seem to have convinced him that there's no need to keep any floppy disks in the house anymore, though, so I'm purging our little file cabinet of hundreds of old disks we dont' need anymore. Not to mention the huge and bulky plastic storage containers for them!!
I think if I can get rid of this old stuff, I can put all the stuff on the desk into the file cabinet and forget about it until it's obsolete. It worked for the stuff in here so far D:

I'm having a hard time throwing away computer games on CDrom, though. Even though a lot of these won't play on Vista or really anything newer than Win '98 or ME without some sort of emulator... or even the fact that we'll probably NEVER play them again... I can't seem to get rid of them. Much of this stuff is completely worthless, too. It's not worth donating a early 1990's copy of Arnold Palmer golf to ANYONE. There's no one in the world I dislike enough to dump some of this stuff off on, but I can't throw it away XD

Just look at what I found today! A PC game called Ripper... about Jack the Ripper... Starring Christopher Walken and Karen Allen!! WTF! I can't toss this XD


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