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Doctor's visit was today! :O

I brought a page with my stats on it from the gym. It had my starting stats, and my current ones, so I could show him the progress I'd made, and how I hadn't lost any weight in 6 months, but reduced BMI and fat and a few inches. All in all, it's very little progress. I broke down my exercize cycle for him, and told him what I did and how often I went. He seemed very impressed, and was very happy I had been sticking with it. I told him I was concerned about my progress, and was worried that maybe somthing else could be holding me back. Maybe some sort of medical problem that's popped up, etc. I told him about how I know a good 3-4 people who are living with PCOS, and he mentioned that I didn't SEEM to have a moustache XD

My doc is great! lol AT least I know my masterful plucking technique and my many tweezer sessions are successful in hiding my awesome manstache :X Really, though, I'd be the envy of highschool boys everywhere!

He took all my concerns seriously, and while I'm still 3 months away from a physical, he said that he's going to check for a few extra things next time I come in. I wasn't really going in about the weight loss stuff, I went in for the garbanzo beans my head seems to be cultivating >:( (Sebaceous cysts. We hates them!) The last one he removed came out great and didn't come back, but he said he's had bad luck with scalp ones, so he's referring me to general surgeon. He's afraid of messing it up and having it come back again. He was super excited when I told him the other one he removed didn't come back though. XD

I didn't end up getting the lipid panel I wanted. I asked him if I could come in tomorrow, or if he just wanted me to wait the 2-3 months for my physical& pelvic, and he said we'd just knock out everything at once. He said he had some extra tests he wanted to run with the bloodwork at that time just to make sure nothing else is out of whack. I'm ok with that, though. He did suggest I meet up with one of the in-house dieticians there, though. It looks like he wants to cover all bases, and have me start working with one between now and my normal physical. I told him as long as my insurance covered it, I'd totally go! I've wanted to see a nutritionalist for a long time. I really do think I need to learn how to eat all over again. Things were great when I was on my raw/whole foods/salads/whole grain kick, but it was really hard for me to stick with. It wasn't that the food wasn't good, but it was more like.. I hated having to make so many trips to the grocery store. I can't buy my produce in bulk, either, because it spoils before I can finish it all by myself. My better half eats...like an 8 year old :P

I always feel better when I come back from talking with him, though. I haven't had any major problems we've had to treat, but he's still a fantastic doctor. I've only seen him a handful of times, but he remembers a lot about my medical history, (hell, he even noticed after I got a hair cut between yearly visits :P) and he's got a great bedside manner.

I know I should stick with the gym. I didn't tell him about how discouraged I was getting, or how I'm thinking increasingly about how I don't want to go. You guys and Matt have been my support for that. (But not my gym partner? lololol) Well actually, Matt's been pretty bad too :P When I say I want to skip, half the time he says it's ok. But he does tell me he thinks I should keep with it when I'm feeling down. At this point, I'm hoping the dietician can help me. If that doesn't work, I'll almost be praying that I've been carrying a teratoma(you know, filled with teeth and eyeballs and hair) or have somthing interesting and not life threatening to explain why I'm having such a tough time :(

I'm supposed to keep a food diary now of what I eat until my meeting with the dietician. It's going to be a mess!!!


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