HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Phone stuff

My new phone is comnfusing and makes me sad. I was pretty excited about getting to customize it and put ringtones and all sorts of exciting crap on here! On my first phone, it was so ancient it didn't really do anything fancy. My next phone was that samsung, and it seemed that about all it could do was downloand bleepy stuff, but it was still way better than my ancient candybar nokia. Given all of this and the fact that I didn't really start carrying a cel phone until I was halfway through college, I never bothered learning much about them. I don't know crap about phones! It takes me a long time to type in a text!

So it's really frustrating me that I can't figure out the whole ring tone thing.
I found a site that has a ton of fan-made ringtones of various stuff, so I downloaded some Buck-Tick and castlevania ring tones to my computer. (I had to find a mini USB cable to hook the phone up) I figured.. hey.. electronics are smart! I'm kind of smart! All I need to do is plug this mini USB cable into the phone& the computer, and hey! I'll just transfer over the stuff I downloaded!

It seems like cel phones arn't that smart, though, and it won't let me interface the two. Motorola is like "lawlz, u pay us 40 bucks nao for interface program!" and I'm like.. bullshit.. there's gotta be somthing free online that will let me move stuff from my computer to the phone! But I haven't been able to find anything. A lot of these ring tone sites say that they can sent it to your phone wirelessly if you give them your phone number, but I totally don't trust that crap >:O I'll probably get charged for the text message or somthing >:O

I like to feel like I'm up on technology and crap, but this cel phone is starting to make me feel old and behind the times >:(

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