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Aaaannnd.. it's done?

They finished the roof today. I haven't had a chance to crawl up there and take a look at it yet, but the house certainly smells horrible. It's so hot out, too. XP I want to air the place out, but we'll loose all our lovely air conditioning if I leave the doors& windows open right now. I'm hoping it's cooler tonight, so we can air the place out. It stinks of chemicals and tar fumes. Plus, it's been about a year since I vaccumed out the window channels, so sliding all the windows open earlier today yielded a ton of dead bugs and very alive spiders.

They haven't fixed the ceiling yet, but I haven't finished paying them yet, either! I paid part at the beginning, and I'll give them the rest Monday or so when they fix the 3 holes in the ceiling. I wish my dad was closer, though. I don't like dealing with these people, and he'd know exactly what to look for in the finished job, what to say, etc. I've talked to him a few times over the past few days about the roof stuff, so I feel a little better about how everything is going... but even if I crawled up there and looked around, I don't know if I'd notice a problem when I saw it. I know these guys have been working hard, though. They've been here every day since Tues, working from around 8 to 6. They seemed to do a pretty good job cleaning up as well. I forgot to ask if they used a magnetic broom for nails, though.
I'm not too worried about these guys ripping me off, though, since they've obviously really proud of their track record with the Better Business Bureau and the various construction/contracting/roofing organizations they are a part of.

I'm very much looking forward to the next time it rains, though. I'll get to sit back and enjoy it instead of checking to make sure the buckets are positioned correctly and not too full every half hour.

The only thing left to do is get the ceiling taken care of, get a copy of the materials receipt, and finish paying them. Then, I think we'll be done with home improvement crap until next year's tax return. Then we'll have between Jan-April to have the electrical taken care of, or we'll run out of time on that 1-year discount the plumbers gave us :O

Depending on the time they finish the ceiling, I should be able to get back on a regular gym schedule on Monday.
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