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Roof Saga, part II

We got to keep our ceiling! Kind of....

They have been re-doing the roof in sections, I think. They tear off one section and lay decking down, install the roof, drip metal, etc, and then move to the next section. I don't know if the first section is completely done, because I haven't looked at it yet, but they're probably avoiding tearing it all off at once and suddenly have it raining or somthing. At any rate, I figured they'd have done the living room those first two days, but that was today's project. So, yesterday I figured we were in the clear for ceiling damage. What happened yesterday was all that was going to happen.

I was wrong XD

We had that hole poked in on one side, and then when they were hammering stuff, some more damage occurred by the fireplace. It wasn't too bad, and I'm pretty sure they're going to repair it. Today, though, someone fell through a chunk by accident. He didn't go all the way through, so he's ok, but now there's a big area by the entryway that is visibly caved in. They said that in many places, the wood was rotted out, brittle, and weak, so while they've been as careful as they could, accidents happen. They said they'll fix that too, thank goodness. However, I have to wonder if it's going to get worse when they finish the section on the far end of the house. If they're doing it in sections, it looks like they're spending about two days per section... 3 sections, so they'll be here about a whole week. This means they haven't reached the far end where the leaks always happen. I really hope it doesn't just cave in completely when they're working on that part D:

Overall, this has been a moderate upheaval, but it's a good thing we're taking the time and investing in the roof now. They said it wasn't too many years away from being a catastrophe. All the stuff they've shown us from the roof has been horrible.

Between Matt' work schedule and all the people we've had over, though, I haven't had a chance to get out to the gym at all. I'm probably going to end up missing the whole week. I'm kind of bummed about that, but I am also kind of having fun skipping XD Since I have to deal with the roofers, etc, I can't just take off if Matt's napping, and there really won't be any time for me to make these days up. So while I'm kind of sad for messing up my perfect track record, it almost doesn't count since it's unavoidable. I'm trying not to feel too bad about it all getting fudged.
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