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House woes

I called the roofers late last night to accept their bid and get things rolling. I was fully expecting rotting wood to be everywhere, and a million problems all over the place. It was still worse than I'd imagined, though :(

I asked them to tear everything down to the decking and start all over again. I was tired of the roof leaking all the time, and always having to play bucket brigade when it would rain too hard. I was expecting some insulation to have to be replaced, some rotten wood to be replaced, and overall, the whole cost of the project to go up.

I found out that we have no decking over our living room D: This means they've already poked holes through the ceiling. We basically... had no roof over the living room all this time D: Sure, there was tar and I don't know what.. but it wasn't attached to the top of the house!! It was kind of just slapped on there. When I came into the living room and saw dirt all over the floor and a hole in the ceiling, I was kind of pissed. Then they explained there was no decking there!! Basically, to replace the roof over the house, we're losing our ceiling over the living room. They said that on top of the ceiling was some strange insulation crap that was acting like a huge sponge whenever there was a leak.. which is why it would sometimes leak in the computer room a few days after it'd rain, or the rain would all come down in a torrent in that one spot. I hope there is no black mould up there XP
Having to hault all work on the roof to spend even more money eliminating black mould would be horrible.

We've had to cover as much of the furnature as we could in sheets and what little plastic sheeting I had, and now I'm hoping that the living room isn't trashed too badly. I hope they finish the decking at least, today, because there will be nothing covering the living room from the elements. If it was to rain, it would rain right on top of my couches D:

They're installing plywood decking now, which will probably clear up a lot of our leakage problems... but until we get somthing done about it, the inside of the living room ceiling will be plywood covered. I'm kind of sad about this, because the living room was one of my favorite parts of the house. By the time they finish, it's going to run so much $$ that we almost would have been better off just slapping the super expensive duralast stuff over the top. This is probably for the best, but it's still frustrating. I love my ceiling!

Now we're trying to decide what to do with it when they're done. We could put some of that sheetrock, or whatever that white crap is called that they put on walls, or we could install some laminate or somthing to make it look pretty. Either way, Matt's decided we won't do it ourselves and we'll have someone out to do it, so until we get it sorted, the ceiling will be plywood colored. At least it won't leak anymore, though.

6:30 PM Update: Things arn't as bad as originally thought. They totally made it sound like they were ripping my ceiling off and we'd be hosting insect party night in the living room tonight. They seemed really afraid of the mess, though, so they said they'd do their best to clean things up and apply the decking without destroying the ceiling. Fortunately, it looks like they got most of the decking installed without further incident. We now have moar roof, our old ceiling, a new hole, and a rip by the fireplace. I can work with this. I'm still sad that it's there, but a little plaster, etc, and we don't have to rip the ceiling off, yay!
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