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5 months

I don't really want to talk about last weekend, so I'll talk about the gym instead.

The gym was closed on Mon for labor day, so I have to go Weds to make sure I get all my days in. As of today, at least, I haven't skipped any workouts. I'm very dissappointed in myself today, though. I had a measurement day, AND I didn't finish my workout. I missed the last 6 machines because I ran out of time. My workout partner said she wasn't able to go until 6, so we planned to go then, but since I had to get my measurement today, I didn't have enough time to do the whole workout before the gym closed. So.. I missed 6 machines. I generally had a poor workout today and a poor measurement. Nothing went down this month. I gained back 2 of the 4 lbs I lost last month, gained an inch back on my bust somehow, and everything else stayed the same. I really don't get what's going on here.

I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment next week and have my lipid panel re-done and talk to my doc about what I need to be doing
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