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I'm totally covered in Fabri-tac. I haven't found a great way to attack this hair to these horns yet. I started with fabritac, because it wasn't degrading the upholstery foam, and it's great for gluing everything to everything. It's really messy, though D:
So then I thought.. hey.. I have a huge can of 3M spray adhesive! I'd already tested it on the craft foam I glued to the upholstery foam, so I knew it wouldn't degrade the foam. It's also kind of messy, though, and not good for spraying into small areas, because it gets on the other hair fibers and makes them look funny. This is also no good.

I'm almost done with one horn, just have to fix the top a little bit, finish the tip, and hairspray the shit out of it so it doesn't go anywhere. I'm on the last half of the other horn, and still hoping I'll find a magical way to attach this with glue that isn't completely messy. I'll probably continue to dump adhesive all over myself as I work, though. Bummer. I even had to go to Jo Ann's for a second bottle because I'd made a mess out of my other one D: The sad thing is, this is only the beginning of my Mayuri woes. I know I won't have TOO much trouble with the cowl, but I'm still a little stumped on how to make that thing that frames the face and holds the horns... as well as making my cute little pharoh beard. I think I'll sculpt that and mould craft foam over it? I really don't know. I don't want it to be heavy, so I'm not going to make it out of resin, but blah!

I also have to stop working on all of this long enough to force myself to get the gym stuff out of the way.

Did I tell you guys what I'm watching right now?
Because Netflix is great, I'm able to hunt down all sorts of series I hadn't been able to find in town before. I saw some weird series about a mopey jr. high girl that wakes up as a god. The series is called Kamichu!, and it's pretty cute. I have no idea how long that one has been out for, as it was released by Geneon, but despite the fact that I hated the 3 main girls, I ended up watching the whole series and liking it. It was cute. Not OMG awesome, but cute.
I also remember that back in the day, I was really impressed by the source art for this one winamp skin Makoto made. It was this art nouveau-ish picture with a dude with long blond hair I think? I seem to remember her saying somthing like "Oh, it's from this series called The Twelve Kingdoms. These artbook photos are awesome, but the actual animation is pretty ugly." Or somthing like that. It was so long ago, I totally don't remember. Anyway, The Twelve Kingdoms is a 10 disk series, but I don't have anything better do to, so I had Netflix start sending me that. I read the description and thought "Wow, Fushigi Yuugi!"
I watched the first DvD and thought.. "eh.... Fushigi Yuugi?"
I gave it a chance and had them send some more disks, though, and ended up getting hooked. I was really anxiously waiting for disk 5 when Matt suggested we just buy it all on Amazon. (We had a discount coupon. yay!) I agreed, because I really wanted to see how it ended, but I know that once the box sets come in, I'm not going to do a damned thing until Animefest but watch some silly 10+ year old anime. I honestly didn't think the animation/art was that bad. I mean, seriously, nothing can top Legend of Basara D: I love that series to death, but goddamn, it's ugly as sin.

Oh! That reminds me. I totally caught up on all the Fullmetal Alchemist manga I'd skipped since the animated series ended. I think the series will probably end within the next year or so. It seems to be winding down. I also read on the internets that there were some strange FMA OAVs released two years ago with wacky live action segments. I'd never heard about it, so I wonder if they're completely horrible! I may have to look into that later... like after the con or somthing. I keep finding distractions to take me away from my sewing, I swear!
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