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I'm supposed to be sewing!

I'm still not motivated at all :O Big surprise there, right?
Bevo totally came over to motivate me last weekend, and it was awesome. I was so motivated, we spent Thurs-Sun drinking and carousing across the state. We stayed in Waco for the most part, but on Sat, we went to a tattoo convention in Austin and visited with Celine and KT. We did.. LOTS OF STUFF :O We picked up Celine and headed to the convention, but we wern't able to get KT out of her schoolwork for the whole day :P Bevo got her prison tattoo touched up and added to, and now it looks sooooo much better :D I ALMOST got a tattoo, but I didn't have any references for the things I wanted, and I really wanted to work with an artist on my fish in a more intimate environment. I'm picky, and I probably would have been wasting someone's time. Especially since none of these people had internet, and I wouldn't have been able to show them the kind of fish I wanted. NOT KOI. Anyway, I was really VERY tempted to walk out of there with a Venture Bros. tattoo of the Monarch's red eyebrow-butterfly-chest-insignia, but since noone had internet and I didn't bother to bring references, I wandered out of there with no art at all. :( I was telling Bevo that if I was brave enough to get matching chest tattoos, I'd totally get somthing in similar style and placement of those matching swallows everyone gets...

But they'd be the green& gold medusa heads from Castlevania :X :X :X

At the convention, though, we did see someone getting Scar's sleeve from FMA done. It was looking badass. I watched for a while, and wanted to ask some questions, but the artist was really busy on that dude's arm. She was working on the inside bit, and it really looked like she was almost done, so I stood around for a while. In the end, though, I got way too impatient, and had no idea how much work he still needed on the inside, so we wandered around some more. It was so much fun just looking through all the portfolios to see what everyone's done.

While we were there, we also caught a glimpse of a few suspensions. The Enigma was there too! :O We didn't stick around for the sideshow stuff, but I think it would have been cool. We were getting super hungry since all we'd had on the way out of town was Chik-fil-a in the morning. By the time we left I think it was closer to 6 or 7, so we were just plain starving and didn't want to stick around any longer. We headed over to some family-style Italian restaurant with a silly name that sounded like Betty Boop and an amazing ammount of cluttered theme decorations that reminded me a lot of the House on the Rock. Actually, I hadn't been to any sort of family style restaurant since that summer up in Wisconsin when we went to that lumberjack/Paul Bunyan themed place :O I love family style restaurants. I didn't feel bad at all eating huge piles of green beans and not much else at the place in WI... hahaha.

Afterwards, we caught a really flamboyant british hairstyling movie with Bill Nighy and Alan Rickman. Honestly, I'd stayed away from Blow Dry before because it had a really sappy romcom cover and Josh Harnett is in it. I thought it was some horrible pulp teen PoS and never bothered to even look at the back of the case. I have never seen Bill Nighy with so much glitter. It was awesome.

By the time that was over, it was getting pretty late, so we had to drop Celine off and head back to Waco.

In Bevo's defense, we totally stopped by the ghetto hair place on 5th street and picked up a TON of blue extensions for the Mayuri costume. If I can at least get that done, I can probably finish Arche and pretend I was super productive for this con XP


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