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Nobody liked Hyakugojuuichi?

I'm dissappointed in you! Well, not you, Masako, but still! :P
I got a very nifty box from Japan. Mako-chan's best freind is in Japan, so I've been pestering her all year..lol Want an inventory?
~Malice Mizer: Voyage CD (Damn hard for me to find!)
~Angel sanctuary art book #2
~Malice Mizer: Bara no Seidou (Thanks to Masako for finding the title of the kanji!)
~Lareine: Blue romance (The 9-track version)
~Malice Mizer: Kami memorial Box ::sniffle::
~Dir en Grey's Ain't afraind to Die single.. I HAD to see the video!!
~Malice Mizer: 2 Videos- Merveilles L'space and a concert for the new album (w/Klaha. Yay!)
~X manga vol 16
~Card captor sakura manga vol. 12
~angel sanctuary manga vols. 2-5 (strange story... dont' ask.. lol)
~4 Shoxx (one being a very ancient 1994 hide one. Very cool! Back when X and Lunasea were the only bands to grace the cover.. heh)
~2 Vicious (w/MM on the cover.. lots of neat stuff inside, including Siam Shade stickers)
~2 Arena 37 featurng hide.
I haven't had a chance to look through all the mags yet, though.. but I know the 3 Shoxx backissues still had the Malice Mizer posters in them. there was a fourth.. but I had that one already ^..^** It was weird.. I didn't expect her to find a place with good quality/condition backissues, and she bought stuff w/MM in it.. and about that time.. I won one on Ebay.. eehhh -..-*
I think that's it.. but forgive me if I've forgotten anything. >..< I'm looking at the stuff in front of me, realizing full well that I've probably fogotten somthing...
but in any case.. I need to get a job this summer so I can pay her off. She managed to get all the videos used, but it's still expensive. Not sayin' how much, though.. my head would explode.

Incidentally, Tokio-san.. some of these Shoxx have some nice Cali/Gari images in them that I haven't seen on your page. Would you like me to scan them in for you?


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