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I figured I'd use this full week and then go and get measured next mon, but yesterday the computer was popping up with messages saying I had to get weighed again. I think it counts every 4 weeks as opposed to every month, so I got weighed twice in July. Once on the 2nd, and once today. They told me I could wait until next week if I wanted, but I figured since I'd already psyched myself up to get it done today, I might as well get it out of the way.

Overall, it's very slow but steady improvement. I lost a few more inches in various places, and dropped some lbs. I thought I weighed in at my starting weight last week, meaning I'd have dropped 6 lbs this month (most ever!) but the printout shows me weighing in 2 lbs lighter than I thought, meaning I lost about 4 lbs this month. My measurements didn't change much at all, but I lost about an inch off the bust, an inch or so off the pooch, and a quarter-inch off the ass. BMI is slowly looking better, and I lost almost a full 1% of body fat according to the weird gizmo they have that tests that. I can't say "BEST MONTH EVAR" because they've all been about average, but it was a good month. I'd probably crap my pants if I was able to lose another 5 lbs by next month's measurement. At this rate, it'll probably put my measurement date right before Afest. If I do manage to drop 5, that'll bring it up to an amazing 10 lbs in 4 months -..- Better than nothing, but only a third of what I wanted. Still, I based on my previous month's results, I can't complain about this measurement at all.
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