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Wisconsin Trip

Looks like I waited way too long on plane tickets :/ Last night I decided to see what kind of deals I could get for booking us a trip, but there wern't any to be had. Round trip tickets are like 640 per person, which is just ludicrous. If we wanted to go in the middle of the week in a month or two, though, we can get tickets for less than half that, so I think we may wait. We could knock a hundred or so off each ticket if we were willing to stay a week, but we can't leave the cat alone that long. We don't want to board him anywhere because he doesn't handle leaving the house to go to the vet's very well. I'd thought about having a freind come in and check on him while I'm gone, but the last time we did that, the cat was never the same D: The got a mean streak in him and all sorts of abandonment issues.
So, I think we could handle a 3 or 4 day trip, but I don't think it will be next month. Maybe Sept. Christmas would be fun, but I'm not going to get cheap fares that way XP
We'll work somthing out, but the prices are too retarded for me to get them now.


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