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Cosplay problem- Opinions please!

If you've known me long enough, you'll know I have a huge love for Malice Mizer. I pretty much loved every incarnation of the band, and I've cosplayed both Mana and Yu~ki. One day, I'll wear that Mana costume again when I can look supahot in my vinyl& lab coat again
I still love my Au Revoir PV Yu~ki costume very much, even if I've only worn it to one con. I may wear it to Afest if I can psyche myself up enough to do the makeup. Really, the costumes don't take more than 20-30 min to put on, but it's the daunting 2+hr makeup marathon that is intimidating. I really should wear Yu~ki at Afest while my contacts are still good. They're a little inaccurate, but I haven't had a chance to wear them with the costume really...

OH YEAH >:O And I need to screw my staff back together :X We kind of demolished it for transportation for Expo. Maybe I should just remake it.

But I digress... A LOT

Last time I was at Jo Ann's, I found this really flamboyant gold paisley brocade. I didnt' know what I wanted to do with it, but I loved it. I figured I would find SOME sort of use for it. With this whole pirate lolita idea I've been throwing around (yes, I know I'm like 2 years too late on that trend, but whatever) I thought maybe I could use this brocade to line the inside of my justaucoups. Photos posted at the bottom for you guys to look at. I think it may be overpowering the velvet. It's a deep purple velvet. It's not a bright royal color, but it's very difficult to photograph well. I'd call is maybe a plum color. But in the pictures, the gold brocade is very stark against it. I can't decide if I like it or not, as I think it might distract from the velvet when I move and the lining flashes occassionally.

So... maybe I could use it for somthing else?

If you asked me what my dream costumes were 4 years ago, I would have said Au Revoir PV Yu~ki and the Gekka no Yasokyukou/Merveilles Yu~ki costumes. My biggest obstacle to clear for making the Gekka Yu~ki costume, though, has always been fabric. I can't decide on a fabric.

A few years ago I stumbled upon this amazing site: It's Yukari Ohba's website. The designer of MANY of the MM costumes. It may have been posted on Zoi's LJ, actually :X
I thought it was wonderful, because not only did it have photos of the completed costume, but the actual design notes, etc for it. The costume in question is in the 9th row, first one on the left. Or you could just scroll down to the MM section, and it's the first one on the left :P Either way...
Originally, I thought that the yellow brocade used on Yu~ki's justaucoups had a fleur de lis pattern going on. Dismayed, I figured I'd never find anything close. I even checked all sorts of weird places like clergy fabric supply websites, etc looking for anything with a similar color/pattern. One of the closest things I saw was this upholstery fabric at Jo Ann's that came in yellow. Unlike the photos on the Yukari Ohba site, though, there wern't any gold threads running through it, and I wasn't sure the pattern was that close. The original drawing has curliques all over the fabric, but the end result had some sort of yellow/gold hybrid brocade going on. Worse yet, it looked like in the Ohba photos, the jacket was almost completely metallic and the breeches were made out of rust orange velvet. On all other promo photos, it looks like regular peep yellow velvet. I realize that all the promo photos are taken under very very bright light to make the makeup pop, etc, and that the Ohba photos are very dark, so I'm really not sure what to do.

You can probably see why I gave up on the costume for a while.

But giving a second look at this paisley brocade, I don't know. It could work maybe??
BTW.. No one loves a bassist.. srsly.. so hard to find good reference pictures. Why do I do this to myself? XP
Ref photos of the costume being worn.
Group shot, Our hero is back& to the left
Yay Wikipedia

Here's a good close-up of Kami. I'm linking this for fabric print comparison. Most US cosplayers I've seen of this particular costume do use the pink curlique upholstery from Jo Ann's. It's the stuff I used on my Norn costume
Original outfit

For comparison, the print on my Norn costume:
Yay Upholstery
Man.. I love that costume. I should totally drag it out and wear it again.

I tried to find the fabric on the jo ann's website for comparison, but they don't have it up there anymore, so maybe it's discontinued D:

Anyway... WTF should I do? Hold out for better fabric? Actually make this costume and use the paisley? Use the Jo ann's upholstery curliques? Spend stupid ammounts of money on 60 dollar a yard gold upholstery brocade that's REALLY BUSY to distract everyone?" (On sale for 36 a yard!)
This stuff here is also really exciting... But totally innacurate

At any rate, from the business of the jacket, I'd say it's more than just bright yellow curliques, and the paisley could work there. On the other hand, there are some darker colors going through my brocade that I don't know how I feel about. It'd probably work. I bought 5 yards, so I'd probably have enough for the jacket and the hat? XD

At any rate, after I finish my pirate lolita, I'll have a muslin pattern of that damned period justaucoups pattern, resized to fit. It's the one that's floating around everywhere that I've totally linked here before, but he're another great costumer's site in case you need a refresher.
If you click on the link to the pattern, you can see it at the largest size available to the internet. I'm actually pretty intimidated with the thought of resizing it and scaling it up without one of those projection things. :/

I don't care if you know fuckall about sewing :P If you have the time to look at a few pictures, I'd love to hear what you guys think, because this has been an ongoing fabric crisis for a while now. It's been long enough since I bought my yellow "Dolly" wig for the original Au Revoir costume, I think I could deal with buying another in black if I ever got this mess sorted.

Oh gawd, I fail at HTML. It was so embarassing after I'd finished typing everything that I had to lock the damned entry and spend 20 min fixing my typos. Now you know why I skidded by with a B in Pascal.

Edit: Maybe I should just email Yukari Ohba for giggles& grins and see what happens O..o
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