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Hen dai yo

How strange.. I was just poking around someone else's LJ "freinds" list to see whether or not I'd been detested enough to be removed, and I saw another user's icon... So strange.. I swear the icon looks like mine (but a real person, no less!) and flipped. Kind of funny.. red hair (streaks at least) and everything.. I got a kick out of it ^..^
I played w/ Sailor Pluto's name game. Damn funny.. But get this straight- I hate Kenny G! lol

From the Mesopotamian root meaning "Licker of Toads"
Nekoyouma does terrible things to small animals with staplers.

Nekoyouma should never baby-sit.

Nekoyouma might die without Kenny G.

Nekoyouma hates to be wrong.

Nekoyouma whines to get attention.

Nekoyouma farts in bed.

Nekoyouma talks to the walls.

Nekoyouma likes to see others fail.

Haha! You know you want it! Find out things you never knew about yourself

Incidentally- honest answers work best. It is possible to be honest without being scathing.


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