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Finishing more games, wow!

Celine told me she'd beat FFXII before me even though I was at the last boss (last time I dropped the game) and she was only about 6-10 hours in. Well, I went and finished it just because she said that :P This was probably her motive all along, but hey!

Finished Kuzunoha Raidou and FFXII in just a week! I thought, "Hey! I'm on a roll! I should pop in another game. There are still tons that I dropped at the last dungeon!"
So I figured I'd pop in Atelier Iris 2:Azoth of Destiny and knock that one out as well.
Surprise, surprise! I beat it already! I totally didn't remember the ending, but I had the ending movie unlocked already. The only thing I hadn't done on that game was finish up the Dragon's Nest, which was the optional tournament thing. So yay! Another one to cross off the list! I mean, it kinda doesn't count, but for whatever reason, I thought I still had to beat that one.

I guess that means I can start Atelier Iris 3, since I've been sitting on it since release :X
I really should go and actually FINISH Tales of Symphonia. It's really sad. I'm at the last dungeon on that one too. And I think I still need to finish Tales of Legendia, but I don't think I'm anywhere near the end on that one. I don't know. I could have beat that one too and not even realize it! D: Once they started talking about clones, the plot got kinda Mary-Sue and I don't remember much after that. Up until then, though, it was pretty awesome!

I haven't really said anything about it, either, but I'm about halfway through that Foklore game for PS3, too. It's pretty good. It reminds me a lot of Lost Kingdoms on GC, but it's not card based. I know that was "the" thing about Lost Kingdoms, but there are a lot of other aspects to Foklore that remind me of that one. I may be less than halfway finished with that one, hard to say. I think the biggest reason I haven't conquered that one, however, is because the PS3 isn't out in the living room with the rest of the systems. It's in the bedroom, where the Matt is sleeping most of the time :P

Oh well, starting Atelier Iris 3 now instead of beating somthing else that's almost done! :O
After Atelier Iris 3, I'll probably knock out Mana Khemia.. then give Ar Tornelico a serious chance. I should go back and spend a little more time on Chaos Wars, but zomgz... I'm so confused with what to do in that one. I really wanted to unlock the Gungrave characters, but the game isn't telling me wtf I have to do to advance the story. So I got frustrated and put it down. It's really an adequate Disgaea clone, though. I was having fun with it until I decided I needed to beat Kuzunoha Raidou. :O I should check and see what other guides I have sitting on the couch, and get inspiration from that. I think the only thing sitting out now, though is the Persona 3 guide. And I'm on FES, where they changed all the test questions and added new demons that arn't in the fusion guide for the old game XP I can probably put that away and clean up the couch even more!

I seriously at least need to take care of the laundry and clean up a little bit before tomorrow, though >..>

Edit: Just read that NISA is porting Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure over to DS this fall. Wow! :O I'll probably be picking it up. I don't think I could find my PSX save file to save my life, honestly. They said before that there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not they'd port Rhapsody or any of the other Marle Kingdom games when they announced they were opening a US branch (as opposed to haveing ATLUS and other random people publish their stuff for the US) so if this is coming out, it could mean they are doing well enough to take a look at releasing some of the games that haven't made it over here to the US yet. And I love my DS, so yay!
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