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Animefest projects & other cosplay crap

My to-do list for Afest is amazing, because I haven't started yet, and I'm throwing together two new costumes, and sewing two other projects. I was really excited about my Tales of Phantasia costume, because I thought I had all the fabric for the pants already. I couldn't find any red left, though!! I decided a few years ago since FMA was so huge I was going to make like 3-4 Edward Elrich coats and sell them and roll in con money. I was way too lazy, though, and only peiced together the women's tailored coat I was going to make for myself. I got it all put together, painted the flamel on the back, and decided I wasn't happy with how the hood was turning out, and I didn't have a matching lining for the inside. Sooo... I threw it up on top of my bins and haven't touched it since. The rest of the fabric sat around for ages until we did Final Fantasy III costumes for A-kon/Expo last year. I thought I still had a lot leftover until I realized that I totally had to make the red mage bloomers out of two different materials. Hahaha! And I know for a fact that I don't have enough white to make the top, so I'm going to end up buying all the fabric for that costume anyway :P
Oh well... I can do it all with bottomweights, so it should be pretty cheap. I just can't decide how to make it all. There are like 3 different designs for Arche that I've seen so far. Her basic game design, her anime design, and there's a figure put out by Kotobukia that looks like a combination for the two. The kotobukia figure may have been based off of the revised design for Tales of the World or somthing. I have no clue

Basically, it's red harem bloomer-type pants, a white shirt with tails, a neckerchief, and gloves. The neckerchief and the boot covers are the same color, but in one source, they are lime green. In the other, it's like a mottled purple/white/whatever. Very similar to the painting technique I used on the cuffs of the Millenia boots. In One source, the gloves are white.. and in another they are pink. I'm not really sure what to go with D: I think the lime green is hideous, and I don't really like the pink gloves because there's a lot of clashing going on already on that outfit XD
Fortunately, I think the lime green& pink are one design, and the white/purple are another :P

I guess the question is.. Does Mint's design change a lot too? XD I'll probably go with the original game design. It's not as clean and polished as the later ones, but the colors don't make me cry inside. I really don't think I want both pink and lime green right next to my face. It'll look horrible in photos no matter HOW I do my makeup.

Anyway... I still have to design and sew some sort of lolita monstrosity for the lolita tea party at A-fest this year. It was really nice last year, but I don't really feel like I'm helping much. They always assign me to go help at that panel, and I just kind of stand around while Monica& Emily do everything else. I'm not really complaining, because the tea parties are always very nice and I probably wouldn't wake up and go if I wasn't set to work on the panel XD I just don't know what I can do to help out any more. Maybe I should get off my ass and finish these projects fast, and then make a ton of head pads to give away at the raffle :P

I also need to hit a ghetto hair store and buy many bags of blue hair. I've decided that since I haven't seen it animated yet, the big hair horns on the new Mayuri design are his real hair. His hair is blue. Blue hair horns, yay. Problem solved there!

That leaves a PVC cape that won't take too long after I get off my ass and actually start working on it. But I'm so damned lazy...

Hey, at least I made it to the gym today instead of sitting around and doing online jigsaw puzzles all day, like I WANTED to do XD
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