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Aww.. no commission :(

I was getting pretty jazzed about it, but I guess he found out we were thinking about having him decapitate himself so I can do the wig& makeup easier. He backed out and said he still wants to do it, but not quite yet. He's going to go ahead and make his Heavy (Team Fortress 2) costume on his own, and save the Kenpachi costume for when he gets down here to visit. I guess he felt bad? I dunno. I told him that I could totally do it in the time he needed it, and if I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't have offered. I think he still feels a little bad anyway since he won't be part of the process of making it, but oh well. Less work for me? :O
I dunno. I was actually looking forward to figuring out my wig problem.

I finished that silly Kuzunoha Raidou game last night and got my second cycle save set in case I ever decide to go back to it. I'm not sure I will, though. There actually isn't much I missed on my playthrough. I'm missing less than half a dozen demons from my compendium, and that's INCLUDING the two quest summons. Beelzebub and Alice. In every Megaten game, I swear Beelzebub is always like a lvl 80+ summon, and I don't have the patience to get my Raidou up from 65 to 80. I beat the last boss anyway, and he was easy as it was. I think if I ever do a second cycle with any of these, it'll be Nocturne or P3 FES. And probably not even P3 FES, because I'm technically doing a second cycle now anyway. I'm still a little bitter about my detailed compendium info not carrying over to FES. I had just about every heart item demon saved with less than 1k EXP to lvl, so I could go back and get as many heart items whenever I wanted. Plus, all the special skills I'd fused into specific monsters that didnt' carry over. Boo hoo

I think I'm going to try to finish Final Fantasy XII next. I'm missing 4-5 hunts, but they're all rank VI and VII. I can't find the two VI ones I'm missing, and the giant dinosaur I found that's rank VII one-shots all my guys :O So maybe I'll just hit up the last dungeon and beat it. After that.. I may shamefully go back to Atelier Iris 2 so that I can start Atelier Iris 3 with a clean conscience :P Not that the have a continual storyline or anything. I beat the first Atelier Iris super fast. I loved that game.. and the second one is fun too. I just have to sit down and sort out what I was doing in that game and finish it off. That's the one bad habit I have with these games. You know I'm at the end of the second disk on Tales of Symphonia, too? Maybe I should go back and finish that one XD I'm so thankful for the quest log in that game, because I've picked it up and put it down so many times now. If it wern't for the log that tells me WTF to do I swear I'd never go back to it because I'd be hopelessly confused with where I was supposed to go next.

I can't beleive I only have another 2 weeks until my next measurement at the gym. It seems to be sliding along pretty fast. I still haven't missed a day yet, and I need to go in today in a few hours. I think my performance there has been kinda up/down, though. Some days, I'll blast through the workout and feel great.. other days I'm struggling just to meet my goals at each machine. I can say that it looks like over the past two months, though, my calories burned per workout has increased dramatically. I'm burning about 100 more calories per workout than I was before. Maybe my metabolism is speeding up a little bit. The two hardest parts of all of this mess are actually getting my ass out to the gym, and disciplining myself with my food intake at home. I've been keeping a lot of broccoli and raw chicken breasts in the fridge though.. and as long as I remind myself not to be wasteful and finish the chicken before it expires, I've been pretty good about cooking one healthy meal a day of some kind of chicken and some kind of veggie. And if there is always broccoli& chicken in the fridge, I can steam some broccoli and cook some lemon-pepper chicken in under 10 minutes in a pinch. I'm also happy to say that I've been really good about not drinking sodas of any kind unless I'm out and about. I don't go out all that much, so I think having 1 soft drink at a restaurant or some diet something or other at a freind's place is acceptable in the long run. I'm at home most of the time, and I'm drinking mostly water at home now... I think that's what matters most. I'm really hoping to see more than a 5 lb loss this month, but it's hard to say. I gained 3 lbs in muscle my first month, lost 3 lbs of what I am assuming is fat last month, bringing me to the same weight as when I joined... so it would follow that this month, I will lose even more weight since my muscle mass is balancing out and I'm staying consistant with my gym visits. A bunch of different people have asked me if I've noticed any changes. Honestly, I can't tell if I'm imagining things or not. Last night I was noticing that it seems like my forearms are a tiny bit smaller, and I'd swear to god it seems like the skin is a little looser than it used to be. Then again, I could be imagining things.

I tried on my Cornelia costume the other day to see if I needed to take anything in, and it all fits the same as it did before. It's still tight in all the places I tailored it to be tight, and it doesn't really seem to be any looser, except maybe a little in the hips. I've lost inches there, so it makes sense, but it's not enough to take it in. If anything, maybe my lines look cleaner if I don't have huge rolls of fat bulging out everywhaaar. It's hard to tell.

I'm going to stick with it, though, and hope for more dramatic results at the end of this month. (After all, I signed a 1 year contract, lol!) Really, anything over 5 lbs would make me happy this point. I feel I'm doing my best, but I'm not going to meet my goals for Sept. I realized when I signed up and started working out, getting 40+ lbs in that ammount of time was unrealistic, so I scaled it back. The trainers seemed to think that 30 lbs would be tough, but attainable. Unless things speed up over these next few months, though, I don't think it'll happen. 30 lbs in 3 months is 10 lbs per month, and I haven't even cracked 5 yet. I think I'll be lucky if I lose 15 by then, honestly, but I'm trying to be positive about it. I've only had two measurements, so it's not enough to estimate what my next few will look like, but overall there hasn't been much change at all from month to month. It's unfortunate, because I feel like the change to my life in general has been drastic, and it's not really being reflected yet.

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