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Finishing somthing I've stared

Celine and I were talking about games we haven't finished, and I rattled off a whole long list to her. It's disgusting. There are just so many games I've played up until the end dungeon and quit for whatever reason. I do this a LOT with Shin Megami Tensei titles becuase I really like filling out my Demonic compendiums, and fighting the bonus bosses. DDS became so rediculous I didn't bother with that one, though. I think I only fought Shiva, and beat the game because the ending was so retarded. But I did it with Nocturne, with the first half of DDS, with SMT/Devil Summoner:Kuzunoha Raido, AND with Persona 3. I'll probably do it with FES when I get my playthrough caught up, too. It's magic. Anyway.. last time I quit WoW for 5 months or whatever, I actually went back and beat a bunch of games I'd done that to. Namely SMT Nocturne, DDS 1&2. I'm sure there were more, but I totally don't remember. I just remember that being a specifically productive period of time :P

At any rate, I still have a million things I haven't finished yet, so when I was on the phone with Celine, I figured I'd go back and do that last dungeon in FF12, even though I hadn't finished all my hunts. I guess what it boils down to is that when I get to the end dungeon with sidequests left, I like to do them. When I need to sit down and grind levels out to be strong enough to do it, I get bored and give up. Instead of just giving up and conquering it, though, I give up and not play it for a year. lawl Unfortunately, we were on the phone through the entire cutscene, so I got mad at the game and turned it off. I still need to re-watch that 10 min cutscene and figure out what I'm supposed to do. Instead, I plugged in that silly Kuzunoha Raido game and figured I'd beat that one. I was actually mildly upset that I didn't give up before the last dungeon on this file. My compendium was pretty much only missing two of the quest demons and everything higher level than me... but I was on chapter 10! I was two chapters away from the final dungeon, so somewhere I decided to give up before I was finished. I didn't really get it. I was also very confused and had to remember how to play the game again. I finally got to the last dungeon late last night, though. I'll probably beat it in the next day or two if I don't get sidetracked levelling. I don't even really remember WTF I was doing with my demons, so it's been pretty exciting.

My main reason for beating this one first, though, is very silly. I bought the strat guide for it when it came out, because DoubleJump books published it. They make amazing guides, and I really can't live without the fusion charts they put in for the SMT titles they do. The strat guide has been sitting on my couch ever since I put it down XD
I left it there to convince myself to go back and finish it, and I've just piled crap on top of it steadily now for like a year. It's retarded. Anyway, I'm going to finish this silly game and put the guide away and have a slightly cleaner couch. yay!
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