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I haven't been around too much, ne? Have you ever had so much going on that there was nothing going on? I'm not sayign that I was too busy to do anything. I'm just saying that there's been so much going on lately, yet I'm doing nothing. We've also had freinds over late the past few days, and my computer-time has been non-existent. I really should do somthing about my website...ugh. In the long run, what does it matter? I suppose as long as I'm amused..
Most of the time, thoguh, I seem to be the ONLY one amused.. oh well -..-**
I wanted to go to Scarborough Faire..It's a big renfest near dallas. It's expensive to get in, but it's so much fun.. We can only go on a weekend Akuma Shinzo's off from work, though. We couldn't go today b/c I had a final exam int he morning, and it was raining pretty bad in the afternoon. It doesn't look like I'm going to get to go tomorrow, either. All our freinds seemed interested, and said they wanted to go, but things came up.. $$ probs, etc. Still...they sounded like they'd made their minds up far ahead of time, and I wish I'd have known. No that no one's going to be able to make it, I don't know if Matt's still going to want to go. I might have to miss it this year. He reminded me, though... Apparently they're still open the next weekend my Akuma is off... maybe then. I just don't have the heart for it anymore.
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