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Gasp in surprise and horror everyone! I've picked up a commission!
I know you are all shocked to death. After my previous bad experiences with commissions, I'd taken to only sewing for myself, occassionally my brother, and for a few months one year... some lolita brainstraps for the Studio Capsule table. (I'm a serious deadbeat. I keep telling Celine.. I have a bag of 50 cat ears I was going to use to make something else for their table, and became way too lazy. I really ought to do somthing with them, though, because I bought soooo much ribbon, and I will not have recoup'ed my material costs if I don't sell more)

At any rate, I'd been talking to an old WoW freind of mine about sewing him a costume one day on the caveat that he come and visit so I could fit everything to him. Things work out so much better when people don't lie about their measurements, and I can tailor as I go. Like all of Project Runway, I have problems with menswear D: I told him I'd help him make his dream costume, but not for SDCC. He resigned himself to making a Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and was kind of excited about having a big PVC gun anyway.

This changed when he told me he found out that Tite Kubo was going to be at SDCC this year XD
He wasn't on the guest list when I looked last, and it doesn't really surprise me since a lot of the Japanese manga people go unannounced at SDCC. I think it has something to do with VIZ bringing in Kubo, and not the convention, or somthing like that. So, I had a change of heart and agreed to help him with his Zaraki Kenpachi costume. He's always locked that character and wanted to do the costume for a long while, but I had refused multiple times unless he came to visit so I could make the wig fit correctly. I can't help but want to make it for him now, though, that he'd be able to wear it to a con where the author will be there. I did that once, and I think I scared the crap out of Yoshitoshi ABe, but that's ok :P I would totally go wear my Mayuri costume to meet Kubo if I could, because I'm a huge dork. And I know that some creators go out of their way to either make cosplayer's lives easier... or hell. Not saying Kubo does that, but I like to say "HA! I made this costume even though it makes no sense!"

This leaves me with a lot less time for AFest, though. AFest is still quite a ways off, but I don't know if I'll have time to make anything completely new. I'm thinking about it, though. I'm bringing Cornelia Li Brittania to Afest this year, and I've been coerced into actually finishing the costume and making the cape. That project will probably take about a week. I should also make Mayuri's new hat because it looks crazy and awesome and I can totally re-use the rest of my Mayuri costume. I think so far, that costume has gotten the most wear out of any of mine, mostly because it's so comfortable. It's also easy to move in, and doesn't take up much extra space XD It's great. The new hat will be even better, because I think I will have a little more neck mobility without the huge ear cups.. and the hat won't be a safety concern for other people's eyeballs anymore. The horns might give me a little trouble, but we'll see. I have a few ideas.

Oh! Anyway.. back to the comission.. I'm making him buy his own hakama and mail them to me so I can color-match the black fabrics. Then I'm going to sew his two kimono and his captain's coat.. I'll make the eyepatch, and I'll also make the wig from scratch. I told him if we're going to do this, we're going to do this right. I'll make the eyepatch correctly and add jewelry closures in the back. He's going to be wearing a bald cap under his wig so the hair line in correct, too. I've seen too many people with.. interesting.. Kenpachi hair, and I want to make this kickass. I'm debating about how to do the back, though. It's easy to make the front hairline ridgid and not have to worry about how it fits, but without like.. a cast of his head.. I'm not sure how to make the back of the wig accurate and have it still fit when it gets to him. So, I'm thinking about making the front badass and cutting a few corners with a mesh cap in the back to make it flexible& fit. I guess an option would be getting him to mail me a plaster cast of the top of his head :X That would guarantee a perfect fit. LAWL!

Anyway, I'm kind of excited about this project, and I don't know why. I'm excited by the PROSPECT of wearing the Corneila& Mayuri costumes with their modifications& additions, but I'm not at all excited about making them. Maybe I'm excited about making my freind his first costume? :O (Well, most of it at least. I should buy new tabi for my Mayuri, too...)
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