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That is the sound of me rolling my face across the keyboard. Yup yup.

I've been on a super-mega-ultra Hellsing kick lately. Not that it's ever really stopped, but your fandom kind of goes into hibernation when there's not a ton of new stuff being released. For a long while, after I had seen all of the anime and had as much of the Japanese manga I could get my hands on, I just in general sad that there wasn't any more and got over it. When Darkhorse started releasing the translated manga, I was really happy. Like Berserk, Hellsing is really hard for me to concentrate on and try to read without a translation. But Darkhorse was taking forever after chapter 5, and you'd be lucky to get 1-2 new tanks a year. So, a while back I hit up a scanlation site and caught up with the manga. While it took a few amazing and unexpected turns, I was doing ok. I was happy to see new stuff, see where the plot was going, etc. The Hellsing Ultimate OAVs started getting released over here, and it was all stuff I'd seen in the manga, but I was eating that crap right up too because Hellsing= <3 muchly Still, it was a healthy and steady stream of new content, so yay. I could tell the manga was pretty much drawing to a close, and I was a little sad about that, but hey.. OAV! New merchandise! Dorkfest!


That was before the lastest 4- or so chapters XP
Now I'm just dying to see the rest, and Hirano is too busy jerking off (literally. He says so all the time) to finish the story quickly enough for me. It's not that he's drawing it out over many many chapters of powering up or training or any of that DBZ bullshit. The story took an amazingly unexpected turn and left me hanging. Through 4 chapters D: What happended was so amazingly shocking that it's rekindled my Hellsing fanatacism, and I'm back to QQing about how Geneon pulled out and I won't get another collector's bust set for the Hellsing Ultimate 4 OAV... I'll probably have to go see a fansub of it somewhere and QQMOAR until the manga is finished. Now.. he's totally got Hellsing: The Dawn running concurrently with the main series.. which makes me kind of sad because that means his time is split between that and the main series XD I <3 Walter, so a series about him is totally welcome anyway. Among the more hardcore Hellsing fans, it's already pretty popular, I guess you could say.. because Alucard has decided to look like a little russian girl. And he's whacked in the head.

So, I've pretty just been rolling around agonizing over the wait for new chapters.. and every time a chapter comes out, it totally doesn't answer any of the questions I have and leaves me more confused and anxious for the next one. I'm pretty impressed, actually. You could easily say it's a derivative work of a derivative work(I mean seriously.. his main influence for writing this was Gary Oldman in the Dracula movie lol!XD), and at that point, if this was hollywood you'd expect it to be horrible without question. But he's done so much with his series! gaaaahhhh need moar
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