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Continuous house-purging adventures

So I made this huuuuuuuuge pile of CDs on the floor while I was putting things in my ipod, and they sat there for like two weeks until I decided I needed to empty the paper shredder. I seem to remember putting the disks in front of the paper shredder to make me put them away somewhere, so I guess it worked. We have all this exciting storage in the living room, and included in this are many sliding-door mini-shelf things that are the perfect size for CDs. I have a bunch of the PSX cases stored in there (while the games are in a CD wallet somewhere else for convenience) I remember cleaning those out a while back and throwing away a TON of empty CD jewel cases with no art or anything in them, so I figured there would be plenty of space. One of them was already completely full of PSX cases, and the other one had a bunch of anime-themed playing cards in it that I forgot we had. I moved those out of the way and found EVEN MORE JEWEL CASES. Zomgz D:

Trashed thouse, and managed to fit half the CDs in there.. or... all the stuff on the floor.
There's still a whole shelf full in here as well as a pile by my scanner (which hasn't worked in years, lawl. It could still be fine, but who knows if it is compatable with Vista?)
All this, and there's still a lot more I could burn onto the ipod. I think my next quest, though, will be learning how to just move MP3s on there. I've just been popping CDs in and letting it do the rest, but I have a few rare MP3s of bands I can't even find albums for anymore that I wouldn't mind putting on there too.

I've also decided that I seriously need to do somthing about the dining room. I want it to look like a nice normal dining room when I am not sewing, and it hasn't looked like that in ages. I can't decide if I just need to buy more plastic storage bins, or purge some stuff I already have. I don't want to get rid of any notions or ribbon or anything like that... Even though I have WAY too much ribbon from when I was making those lolita hats. Omg.. I still have liked 50 pairs of cat ears that I made and never attached to headbands. Maybe I should get motivated and make another 100 or so headbands to sell. I know I'm going to end up sewing some new stuff for A-fest, though, so I'm not sure what I'll have time for. It's not really that I have a ton of visitors over, but it's somehow much easier for me to relax when the house isn't a sty. I love my geeky clutter, but I hate it at the same time. I love looking at those houses with simple designs and decorations, but if my house was like that, it would drive me nuts and I'd want to fill it with statues and figurines :X I'm still working on finding that happy balance.

Every time I think about listing things on ebay to move them out of the house, I get lazy because I'm hung up on the whole shipping thing. I mean, I'm pretty lazy, but I think I could box things up and move them out pretty easily. One thing I hate about ebay, though, is how much people rip you off on shipping and just guess random crap numbers, and I wouldn't want to do that. I don't have any of those little scales or potal printout systems or any of that exciting stuff, so I'm kind of clueless about what to do with the shipping. Blaargh


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