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Ho crap! Month 3???

I hit the gym today with my work out partner, and the computer told me that it's apparently time for my weight& measurements. I thought it was next week XP
I ate so badly this weekend too! I am happy that I made up all my days before the con, though. That being said, it was really hard to get back into the swing of things when we went today. All-in-all, though, it wasn't a bad workout. It wasn't my best, but it was better than most of mine last week, so it's all good.
I guess tomorrow I'll have to bite the bullet and find out I still haven't lost any weight yet :P I have a feeling I've gained after this weekend of marathon eating, but we'll see how things go. My butt may have shrunk again. If it's the only thing that ever shrinks, may eventually end up with a negative space in my ass that acts like black hole, sucking things in. But hey, you couldn't call me a fat ass if that's the only part that's not fat!

As for the con...There's not really a whole lot for me to say about that con that I haven't said before :P But there's a lot of stuff pertinent to this year I could talk about!

Ultimately, I had a lot of fun, because I always have a lot of fun when I go with celine. I also think that I would have almost had more fun if Versailles wasn't there. I feel I need to explain myself here so no one gets the wrong idea.
I was very excited when I realized they would be there, but despite the fact that I'm CERTAIN people on my freinds list had talked about it, it really didn't get through my skull until a week or two before the con. By that time, it was too late for me to make proper arrangements to actually seriously go to A-kon. Because of my overall distaste for the con itself, I NEVER make plans to go, and I never bother making hotel reservations just-in-case. It's been so long since A-kon had a guest I was willing to go out of my way for. I think it was the two-hotels A-kon? I wasn't the world's biggest Psycho Le Cemu fan, so seeing them was just kind of exciting because they are colorful. And I was never the hugest Penicillin fan.. but I knew enough of their songs to make Penicillin NANO an exciting experience as well.

Lareine is a bit different, though. I remember listening to them back when I was visiting my grandparents in Wisconsin and working my way through the summer my freshman year of college. That was like... 1999 I think? I only had a handful of MP3s on a burned disk, but I remember sitting there playing old Sierra games and listening to the MP3s and not really feeling as homesick, in part, because of them. After that, I picked up albums as they came out, and even had kinomakoto and minakokouchou's help in tracking down a copy of Blue Romance when minakokouchou first went to Japan. So I love Lareine, and I have a lot of various memories attached to Lareine's music. However.. I've totally fallen out of the J-rock scene over the past few years. I only somewhat faithfully follow Buck-Tick now, and I'm not at all familiar with Versaille's material. So I was super excited about the chance to see Kamijo sing live (Unlike that year with Jpop house brought Kamijo over to Katsukon just to pose for photos for a fee in the dealer's room.. wtf?)
I knew they'd be performing a lot of new and exciting material that I wasn't familiar with at all, so I guess in a sense I wasn't AS excited about it. I don't know. I didn't know WTF S.K.I.N would be playing at Expo last year. I figured they'd all take turns playing each member's solo material, and then have one or two songs. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but it was still awesome, and I couldn't help but jump at the chance to see Yoshiki play drums again... not to mention that awesome peice where Sugizo busted out his violin. It was a supergroup that was too hard to resist :p

Somehow I got sidetracked

Anyway... I had a lot of mixed feelings towards the whole thing, obviously. I figured the concert would be sometime shortly after opening ceremonies, and wouldn't be that late at night. I figured I could probably track down a badge just to see that bit.. and celine and I could putz around the con for a few hours.. I'd catch the concert& meet zoi_no_miko, she'd find some people she hadn't seen in forever to hang out with for a little bit, and we'd be home before it was too late. I wasn't having any luck tracking down a badge. We were in costume all day and had a blast, but we were both getting tired and hungry and thirsty and worn out by 8 or so... and I found out the concert wasn't until 10:30. I really couldn't justify staying that late with no room to change, no badge, and dragging celine around with me the whole time. I dunno, she might have gone for it, but it was really just excessive. By the time we got out of downtown and halfway to her mom's place, we were exhausted and it was only 10:30. I was kind of hoping I'd find a line for the concert lining up around the time they started seating for opening ceremonies, so I could see if Zoi was there, but I didn't see anything like that by the time we left. :(
(We'd left Thurs for Dallas, and I really should have checked my email on Friday... I would have had Zoi's contact info then and I could have tracked her down before I had to take off then. I was pretty excited about meeting her fiance too!)

Now that I got all that rambling nonsense about my conflicting emotions out of the way, I can talk about the fun stuff :D

We drove up late Thurs night so that it would be cool out and we'd have all Friday to mess around. I always have fun staying up at Celine's mom's place when we visit. Her mom is a blast and always has really weird stuff to eat sitting around. It's a taste explosion!
On Friday, we hit the con for a few hours in our Suikoden V costumes. It was exciting how many more people recognized us on a FRIDAY than recognized me on a SATURDAY at Afest last year. Well, AFEST will get another chance since I'll re-wear it this year too :P Gotta get my milage out of that costume. With the help of cosmicmonster, I was able to get Matt a REALLY REALLY nice gift. (PS- Email me with your address. I'll try calling you later this week) Once I get it hung up, I'll take a photo to show everyone. It's an amazing fan-made stained glass window that looks kickass. I think it's safe to say this is both the most expensive... and the ONLY peice of fan-art I've ever purchased.

I got to see a lot of people I wasn't expecting to see, too. Everyone looked healthy and happy, which always makes me happy.

On Sat& Sun, we hung out at mom-of-celine's place, putzing around in the pool, torturing cats, and eating way too much. It was great.

We had so much fun doing that, I think we're considering going to the DETHKLOK concert up in Dallas next month XD haaah

I also have the only amazing photo I remembered to take. We're in the car on the way to the con. I had to take the front of my crown off because I wouldn't fit in the car! :O It's great.
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