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Asshat Mach.. well.. 1 .5?

Today I finally got to go see Iron Man, and it was a fun movie :X
I can't really sepak much for any sort of comic/movie discrepencies since I never really liked Iron Man in the first place. I can say that the movie was a lot of fun, and if you like robots, or ever wondered what Jeff Bridges (edit- why do I mix up him& Jeff Daniels all the time??) looks like bald, you need to see this movie.

After that, I had to immediately head to the gym before I got too sidetracked with playing with my new toy. (the iPod) I thought I had a pretty good workout today, but I'm still showing some deficiencies on the leg-spready machine. I thought I did pretty well on that one, too :/ I also felt that I was doing better than I had the day before, but the computer shows that my workout yesterday was better. whateva! At least I got it done.

I've decided that I need to hit the gym tomorrow morning, so I'm going to try to get Matt to wake me up. They're only open until noon on Saturdays, so it's going to be a little rough. If I don't go tomorrow, though, I'll have a 3 day break & have missed a day for next week. Plus, if we end up travelling Dallas on Thurs night, I won't be able to hit the gym on Friday. So I absolutely have to go tomorrow, because I plan on going Weds to make up for Friday, and missing either Sat or Weds will equate to at LEAST one day missed overall. >:O

I've been freaking out about getting my costume ready, too, and I don't know why. I mean, it's a sturdy costume for the most part.. it's very comfortable (except for the boots, but better socks will help with that this year, and I'll bring comfy shoes as well)... But I guess after finishing that costume so wholly before Afest last year, some of the tiniest imperfections seem glaring. When I pulled it out of the suitcase, I realized that the foam frontpeice had been jammed in the suitcase in an L shape for almost a year. Oh boy.. I hope that irons out.. haaaaa... I still wouldn't mind shortening it by about an inch, but I don't know that it can be done with the way I've constructed it. It was supposed to be the right length in the first place and just ended up too long. I also plan on touching up some of the white paint on the blue parts, because that was rushed the night before the con, and isn't as solid as I would like. I also never sewed those buttons to the inside of the waist cincher, but I got lazy and just stitched the top (that already has button holes made on it!!) to the waist cincher. I couldn't find the freaking buttons I sized it for, so whatever XP I still need to re-attach the scarf loop that fell off of one of the sleeves, too, but that's like 1 whole minute of hand sewing. Oh noez!

I am, however, happy to report that I got off my ass and took in the waist cincher tonight.
Last year, it was indeed a little loose. After I added the eyelet tape (instead of hook& eye), I found it was probably an inch or so too lose. So really, I'd been thinking about not being so lazy and fixing it by shortening the back panel for many months now. However, when I tried it on today, I laced it fully closed in the front and found that I could tango inside the thing and shift it all over the place. While all my T-shirts and jeans and whatever still fit the same (no looser, no tighter) and my gym measurement last month showed no change in waist measurement, I didn't think there would be such an appreciable difference in the fit of this thing. I decided that for it to fit snugly, I would probably have to take it in about 2 inches.. so an inch off either side of the back panel. This doesn't take into account seam allowance, but honestly? I was planning on taking the extra space on top of that for seam allowance, and just not lacing it completely closed in the front. That way, if I lost more and still wanted to wear the costume, I would have room to make it tighter. I could totally spare a good 5 inches of open lacing in the front if I wanted to.. and STILL have it covered by the front flappy thing, but I really didn't want to lose that much stability in the garment since it's only partially boned.

I trimmed it as planned, and I was still able to lace it fully. Bugger XD

Celine says I noticed this because I tailored this thing to myself.. and stretchy things like jeans and T-shirts arn't specifically tailored. I think she has a point. I also think that there's more room to squish things around under the waist cincher, so who knows? This may mean the ghetto wench costume I sewed for the renefest we didn't go to last year may fit better now. I wasn't completely happy with the fit of the leather corset I bought a few years ago since I'd gained a minimal ammount of weight since then and I'm probably lacing it up wrong :X

At any rate, happy days? I at least feel better for taking some time to work on somthing I feel I look good in. My next major project is figuring out how to permenantly fix the back loops of the wig so they stand up correctly and don't frazzle. I'm thinking about using that thick cotton furniture cording they use for those Yuna tails, but in a much smaller diameter (if I can find it). If I can't get it, I'll be back to step one, so maybe after I hit the gym tomorrow, I should shamefully show my face in Jo Ann's. I haven't seen some of those ladies in like 8 months, and I'm going to get murdered for not coming in, I'm sure :X
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