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Since I haven't made a gym post in a while..

I'm still keeping up with it. This is Month 2, Week3, and it's almost over. After that, I have one more week and my 2nd month measurement. I think. Maybe it's Week2. The computer will tell me a week before my weigh date anyway...

In any case.. one of the trainers said I looked like I was dropping, and I was like.. phfffhhht whateva! I'm pretty sure I wore a smaller T-shirt and not the tents I usually wear to work out. Depending on my mood, I usually wear between an XXL (for sleeping) to a L (for when I want somthing that fits snugly).. so at the gym, I usually wear XL stuff so that the neck isn't too tight, and I have lots of room to moce& sweat. I happened to wear a L the other day, so I think it's all an optical illusion :P If anything, I'm getting a little more muscle tone/definition/whatever. I am always sad when I get more muscle tone in my calves because my calves have always been kinda huge. I guess they're going to get bigger before they get smaller :/

While I haven't really been losing inches anywhere other than my ass, I do think I may be losing in areas they don't measure. Small places like the space between my calf and knee, or the area between my armpit and that upper arm muscle. I'm almost afraid to think on it in case I'm just being overly optimistic.. or if I'm just so spaced out I'm imagining things. I don't think I'll feel good about the direction I'm going in until it looks like the numbers are moving more in my favor. Some days my workouts arn't that great, and I feel wiped out, but I have still gone every day and made it through the entire workout without cutting corners, so if anything, I've been taking solace in that.

I'm not really sure what to do this week or next week, though. They're closing the gym on Mon for Memorial day, and that's one of my usual work out days. I was thinking I would go early Sat. morning instead, and then do next week like normal, but I realized that since I'm hitting A-kon, I probably won't make Friday's workout either. That's fine, too, but for me to continue to say I haven't missed any days yet, I have 2 days I need to reschedule. I think I need to plan them into my week, and not do them after the fact, or I'll start slipping. I've always had a really bad habit in school work, etc to skip a due date, be given permission to make it up, etc, and never do it. In cosplay, if I hit a deadline (convention), I just won't finish the costume. I'll wear it as-is and not bother to go back and add the last few details. If I let myself miss a day, I don't think I ever will, and the thought of being behind will make me end up feeling crappy and missing more days.

So if I can wake up early to go Sat morning for the day I won't get in on Monday... I can probably go tues like normal.. then weds to replace the friday I will miss.. then thurs..
Then next week, I'll be back on track Mon/Tues, Thurs/fri

The other thing I was concerned with was taking too many days off in a row. I don't want to take more than 2 off in a row, because as it stands, I have been starting to feel like a lazy bum on the weekends. So 3 days in a row=bad. If I go sat, that'll give me sun/mon off. If I skipped sat, I'd have 3 days off in a row.. so yeah. I dunno XP I'm just hoping for better numbers this month

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