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I need a nap, but there's so much do to!

I've been having a strangely obsessive ammount of fun cataloguing all my music. This new toy has been constantly surprising me in that it wasn't what I thought it was going to be like at all. I don't know why I've been enjoying this mindless filing and relabeling so much, but it's great. The whole album cover view is great I guess if you're into nothing but contemporary popular music, but I have such a collection of eclectic weird shit that while I've already input over a thousand songs on this thing, less than a dozen album covers were already in their system. It hasn't been a big deal, because my google-fu is strong, and I've been able to find just about everything I've been looking for. Unfortunately, Two albums have been impossibly hard to find pictures of to slap in here, and I suspect there will be more when I drag stuff out of the closets. My Da'vidノ使徒;aL and Pleur disks :( And I'm sure my other Da'vidノ使徒;aL disk won't be found either. Some of the lesser known indies stuff I guess was bound to be hard to find, but I had to track down Russian sites for scans of my Baiser CD covers. Baiser is hard to find info on too :(

At any rate, I keep finding things that justify my excitement for this little gizmo. Like the 4-disk B-side collection from The Cure. I bought it
1) Because I love The Cure and have nearly every album save maybe 2
2) Because I'm not transferring B-sides from my cassettes onto CD
3) I simply don't have some of this rare stuff
4)Because I really fucking love the song "Burn"

Burn was in the movie The Crow, and it was on the Crow soundtrack. Like the song The Cure did for Judge Dread, (And probably the song for Orgazmo, lawl) it wasn't released on a regular album. My brother has a copy of The Crow soundtrack, but I do not. When I saw this 4-disk set released, there were many reasons I had to have it, but only one disk I kept constantly coming back to, and it's this one. I'm really excited about the prospects of making playlists JUST for the bands I have like 5+ albums of, and being able to shuffle every Cure song known to man. I bet it would be like a 2 day marathon of The Cure. I understand it's subjective, but I think it would be AWESOME. Plus, being able to snatch one sone here and there and listen to it whenever without having to hunt down disks seems like an amazing technological leap I should have made before. I always thought it was too much work to bother burning my disks onto a HD somewhere.. but this was back when a 2gig HD was a major technological acheivment, and you couldn't hold much on one. The sheer ammount of space on this tiny thing is already blowing my mind, and I know there are ones out with bigger HDs.

And what if I just shuffled the whole damn thing? I'd get a playlist I could listen to for days without replaying a single song of all of my favorite music D: Yes, it's blatantly obvious that's what MP3 players are made for, but it's just somthing I've never bothered with for whatever reason, you know? Plus, there are some albums I bought for like 2-3 songs. I could end up shuffling onto some song I'd never really heard before and be like "Whoah, wut?!?"

Not to mention stuff I'd lost to time. I've been vaugely pissed off for about 2-3 years now that I haven't been able to find my Best of Duran Duran collection, my Depeche Mode 81-85 disk, or my Hedwig& The Angry Inch soundtrack. The latter bothered me the most, I think. And while I was going throguh stuff to shove into the ipod, I found all three in the same stack, in a case that has nothing to do with the genre of music of either of the three. Go figure D:
Anyway, I can't beleive some of the weird crap I have in these CD stacks, and I haven't even started uploading Matt's stuff. He's got some great stuff too. He said somthing earlier about wanting to play with it and upload stuff while I'm asleep, so I could wake up to all sorts of weird shit on this thing.

The downside is...

I'm supposed to be tweaking my Arshtat costume and getting ready to wear it to A-kon XD


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