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So odd...

I'm listening to bad Britney Spears parodies that I got off audiogalaxy. It's funny when they guys sing them..heh...There's "Oops, I think I sang this before (I'm not that talented)" and "Oops I'm pregnant again" and many random backstreet "Guess which one is gay" songs. They're pretty amusing. I should record my "Isn't she Slutty?" song.. heh
In other news...
I made dinner tonight.. Twice baked potatoes.. yummy! Tried called a few random people today.. nobody home :P I'm finally "caught-up" with Anne Rice... I jsut need to read Merrick.. and then I'll feel like I'm ahead.. bah. I swear.. this is the first time I've had a chance to read somthing for pleasure in a long, long time.. and Anne Rice has such strange effects on me. It's hard to describe, but it's like it brings somthing out of me that I'd forgotten about and hidden away. IT reminds me of when Max and I would speak of that "exquisite elegance" that one could sometimes come down with. Though the new chronicles arn't as good as the old ones, her writing style is the same, and I, for the most part, are madly in love with it. I fear that it's made me a little loquatious on my english final, though... and from what I hear, the professor likes quotations. Too bad for him.. he got 8 pages of origional text from me. Suffer that, Brit Lit prof!


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