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My god!

I always forget to check my Paperwings email. It's really horrible, because sometimes there's great stuff in there.. but I can seriously go like 5 months and just get nothing but the most amazing spam. Some of them don't even look like they're selling anything. They come from weird randomized address and the content is a short 2-3 word fragment like "Utmost despair"... wtf? I usually look at the weird ambiguous ones in case it's someone actually trying to get in touch with me that doesn't have the best skills in making email subject headers.

Anyway,I got a winner from a mail order bride place today. For your convenience, and maybe your UTMOST DESPAIR if you are single, I have deleted the address of the buy-a-bride website :P

"Did you ever watch a wonderful tale "Lord of the Rings"? Where little
hobbits live in their Shire, their land of Paradise, always happy and
smiling? That is approximately how I imagine my own happiness, but in a
modern world: I dream of a cozy little house, a tidy garden in the yard,
colorful and happy life.
You know, dear, there is a very good saying: Money can't make you happy,
though you can't be fully happy without money. That's how I imagine a
normal life. I don't need fancy clothes, millions pairs of shoes, tons of
make-up or shopping all day long. Though I also wouldn't be happy living in
a tribe without any conditions of civilized comfort.
I hope you understand that I am the one you've been looking for all your
life and I am waiting for you (address here) impatiently. "


Actually, I'm kind of looking at my inbox with horror right now. I don't think I've really cleared the spam out of here since about last year around Expo time. That's a lot of viagra ads!


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