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AAhhhh.. maybe I should go to A-kon? LOL

I don't even plan to be at this con, seriously.. and I end up there every year anyway. I hate the parking situation, I don't like the hotel or the location, etcetc, you've heard it all. I'd probably still plan on going regularly if the hotel& parking wasn't such a nightmare.

Anyway, I still get the emailed newsletters from when I used to pre-reg there. I usually delete them and not even pay attention because lately I haven't been that interested with the guests they've been bringing in. Most of the US guests I can see at (INSERT CONVENTION NAME HERE), making my biggest reason for planning any extra conventions the Japanese guests. Anyway, on a whim, I opened up the last one I got to see who the guests were going to be this year.
Hidey-ho Kamijo! :O It looks like Versailles is going to be there. I don't even know anything about them, unfortunately, since I don't really pay attention to anything anymore. All I know is that it's like Kamijo's new band without the old Lareine members... and wow, Kamijo's going to be at a convention where he plays music and doesn't just stand next to the J-pop house booth smiling and waving like a beauty pagent winnar D:
So yeah... I'm thinking it would be pretty cool to go, since I love Lareine and I really ought to follow Kamijo's various projects. I think it's probably a little unfair of me to call the band his project since I don't know anything about them, though. For all intents and purposes, the band could have formed ages ago and picked him up. I'm going to have to educate myself if I end up going.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's Matt's work week, so even if I was intent on driving my own daffy ass up there, I don't have a car. I think I'll ask around and see if anyone else I know from that area is interested in going. I'll totally pay gas and even drive part of the way if needed XD

I think it would be really very cool to see Kamijo live... maybe even get into a new band since I'm currently between Buck-Tick album releases :P Geez, I swear if it wasn't for my freinds list, I wouldn't know crap about what was going on in J-rock news anymore. I'd probably just be content to sit around with the albums I have and look at CDJapan every two years and say "whoah crap! There have been 20 L'arc~en~ciel albums released since the last time I looked" I'm glad they are still together, but it always shocks me how busy they are.

At any rate, if I actually did go to A-kon, it would probably be a one-costume thing, like last time.. and that would totally be my Arshtat costume this year XD
I need to repair the wig... and while it's going to suck, I need to completely take apart the waist-cincher so I can take it in 2 inches or so. It was really pretty big on me at A-fest. I sewed grommet tape in the front because I was lazy, and it was going to be hidden by the orange flappy thing, but while it fit snugly with the ends meeting, it was way too big with the grommet tape on. I could probably cut 2-3 inches off the back panel and it would fit much better. I would also like the orange flappy thing to be maybe half an inch shorter, but I'm not really sure how to shorten it, since it's all one peice. I really would like to wear the costume again and see it get a little more exposure, though, since I worked so hard on it. I don't even have really awesome photos for the website, and it's been over a year. Not that I've been super excited about cosplay this past year. I haven't even really thought about anything new. Unless you count the 2 new Mayuri costumes I could make by making new hoods to go with the kimono uniform. hahahahaha

I've been thinking about adding a day to my work out schedule. I've really been having a hard time shoving myself out the door to go, but I have two days off on Sat/Sun, and I really notice it. As it stands, I go Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. I skip weds to let myself recover. I guess since my gym partner doesn't return my texts I could just rechedule everything and go like.. Mon/weds/fri/sat MORNING, that way my days off would be well distributed across the week and I wouldn't feel like such a bum with two days off. The biggest problem with this is that they are only open until 12 noon on sat, and the chances of me actually getting out there that early is pretty slim. They are also closed on Sun, which is why I always end up with the weekends off. It's not a bad thing, but by Saturday, I'm already forgetting that I was there on Friday.. and by Sunday, I've been feeling like I'm sitting around too much. I guess I could just find the motivation to hop on my bike at home on Sat. evenings, and that would probably solve everything. I have a hard time staying focused on housework or anything here, really, though, since there are so many games to play and movies to watch, etc :X

If I did decide to hop on the bike, I don't know that I would be able to say "OK. I am going to ride until I pass out now" and actually do it, or just sit on the couch playing Persona3 while thinking about what a great idea it is.
I really need to beat it so I can transfer my save to an FES game, but I'm only in october, and I was a total tard and put it down for a long time and now I can't remember what persona fusions I was working on XP Good thing I have the strategy guide to tell me what I'm missing in my compendium and what heart items I need XD

Edit: You know, I'm a total tard. Now I'm almost certain Zoi mentioned somthing about the Versailles concert and the convention in her journal a while back. I'm just blind. I probably also mentally decided that whatever cool was going on had to be at some other convention. I should make a more marked effort to get up there if she's going to be in-state D:
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