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Bastard Mosquito

I woke up today with about 3 new bug bites all over my arms :(
I haven't seen the damned thing so far today, though, so maybe it's flown into a corner and died somewhere.

I really want to show some exciting photos with you guys, but they arn't turning out.
It's been probably about 4 years since we've seen them last... but...

The foxes are back!

I saw a momma fox in the back yard today with 3 cute little cubs. They were rolling around chewing on rocks and leaves and knocking each other over. The momma was dozing in the sun on the deck for a short while, too. The babies are very cute. They were climbing all over stuff and rolling around, but it seemed like every time I raised the camera to the window, they would end up under the deck right before I could get the picture off. Matt seems to think that we'll see more of them over the next week or two while they get bigger. I'm pretty sure they're living under the deck. I remember seeing a documentary a few years ago that said most foxes will return to the same place to have cubs for the rest of their lives. I don't know if this is the same female from before, or one of her mature cubs coming to have more generations of foxbabies.. but it's awesome. I really did miss seeing them.

We're not really sure what kind they are. I think they are grey foxes, since the fur is a blend of black, red, brown, & grey on the back, with red on the face and black markings around the eyes. Matt thinks they are red foxes, because they have red on the face :P They arn't all red and they don't have white on the tails, though. So I stand by my guess of grey fox :P

It's so amazing to me that we live in the middle of town, and I can still look in the backyard and see wild foxes less than 5 feet away from me.. doing their thing :D

Edit: Also, I just wanted to say that I really REALLY REALLY didn't want to go to the gym today. I didn't feel like it, I wasn't into it, and if you look at the original timestamp on this entry, I totally procrastinated on the internet instead of going. But I did go anyway!
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