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London Bridge is Falling down..

I hum this song in my head everytime the roof leaks :P
We've finished taking bids on putting a new roof on this mofo so that it won't do that anymore, but some of the prices have been rediculous... Not to mention there are so many options out there, it's hard to choose one. We've narrowed it down, though, and I think that when we accept a bid, we'll have something we can live with that won't leak for a good while.

The plumbing stuff is taken care of, and they actually gave us a coupon for a 10% discount off of the electrical work we were thinking about having done with a different business. That's pretty sweet, actually. Unfortunately, after I gave the plumbers money, they took their sweet time filling the hole in, and never did figure out what was wrong with the sprinkler system like they promised. Oh well, lesson learned.

Really, after room& electrical are taken care of, there arn't many major things left that need to be handled. I think there's some major landscaping that needs to be dealt with eventually, and I'm not happy with the cracked glass door in the bedroom. I swear we arn't thinking about selling or anything, but all these home improvements have slowly piled up in such a way that we're now forced to look at it and deal with it all at once.

After donating a ton to goodwill last month, I feel better about how much clothing we have sitting around.. but if I got a little more critical, I'm sure I could fill up another huge box or two. I did realize that I have a ton of evening gowns in my closet that arn't mine that I should mail off too, but I guarantee that's going to get procrastinated on at LEAST another 6-12 months. I'm just that productive, yo.

I'm also still working on culling our VHS tapes and getting rid of all illegal fansubs. All this stuff we had way before the titles were licensed, but we've been buying things on DvD, and there's no reason to keep most of that stuff anymore. I'm not going to resell it, and no one wants VHS tapes anymore. I'm sure I could find SOMEONE to give most of it too, and I feel pretty horrible trashing that huge volume of tapes, but I'm just going to throw them away. It's a big corner I'm working to clean out. Maybe by the time I'm 60 I'll have bene able to pare down our junk to somthing that is geek chic :P

I'm starting to have nervous nightmares about Monday. I don't really feel the need to try and work harder for bigger progress on weigh day. That kinda feels like cheating anyway. I'm just hoping that there are changes I can live with and not get discouraged over. I have the weekend off to be nervous about it, so we'll see how it goes :P

Oh yeah! And my computer was filled with EPIC FAIL the past two days. Massive problems with the videocard. I think. I'm not sure. All I know is that this computer has been unstable since the day we took it out of the box. I was bluescreening at least once every half hour a few days ago, though.. and since it's under warranty we were able to get someone out to replace the card. I'm not sure it fixed the problem. They went to all sorts of extremes to make sure it was the card itself before they replaced it, but I've already had one notice today that the card has errored out, and I'm worried that it's somthing more. This computer has been such a nightmare to keep it working correctly for even one week. :( I can just cross my fingers and hope that my patience lasts until that first major windows vista patch thingy that's coming out soon... and of course hope that the update fixes everything and I don't have other magical problems :/


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