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It's like a bagpipe morning!

Week4, no days skipped, yay!

I've been making an effort to buy fish lately. I do enjoy fish, but because of my eating habits, and also in part due to my laziness, I probably don't eat it as much as I should. The other week, I had some sole, and it was very tasty. This website has been really handy in helping figure out which fish are the smartest buys. Not nessesarily price-wise, but eco-freindly, renewable, non-toxic, etc. I bought some orange roughy for the singular reason that I remembered catching some in Animal Crossing once. I'd never had it before, and it was a reasonably tasty fish. I found out from this website that I really shouldn't buy this fish anymore! It can live to be 145, which means it is not highly renewable at all. It's a slow developing fish that is easily fished out.. the fishing methods damage the sea bed, and because they live so long, they have higher mercury contamination rates. Boo! So no more orange roughy. I'll stick to my sole and farm raised trout.

I've totally been buying chicken in bulk, too. To be honest, steaming some potatoes& broccoli isn't really what I would call "cooking" or a "meal" so I figured it was easier for me to balance out some sort of proper meal with a little bit of meat. I've been trying to follow the playing-card thing on the meat portions, and loading down the veggies. Overall, I think forcing myself to cook more is good for me... But I'm not exactly the shining example of healthy eating. Today I had some chips and some green tea ice cream. I'm pretty proud of myself as far as that's concerned, though, because I feel like I've finally gotten a handle on my biggest vice.. and that's Ice Cream. I love ice cream. Ask me anytime from when I was 5 to today, and I'd always answer that my favorite food is ice cream. It doesn't matter if you consider it a food or not. I could it it all day every day and not get tired of it. I got into a really bad habit back around my freshman year in college. I didn't have a fridge or anything in the room, so when I felt like having ice cream, I'd buy a pint and have to eat it all because I had nowhere to store it. While I had absolutely no problem with this, a pint is really 4 servings and like 1000+ calories. In one sitting, that's really not good. Fast forward a bajillion years, and I can easily make a pint last 3-4 servings now, which makes me very happy. I mean, I could totally sit and eat the whole pint still :P But I don't, and I feel like I have a better handle on that.

Next monday/tuesday-ish will be my 1-month weigh in at the gym. I'm really hoping I see some sort of results, or I'm going to be really discouraged. I know it takes time, but I feel like I've done a pretty good job so far. I haven't skipped any days yet, and while they suggest that you go 3 days a week on their program, I've been going 4. I can'd say I have a really structured diet, but I'm not drinking soft drinks.. and I haven't purchased any diet soft drinks since I started my gym membership either. I've been drinking so much water lately it's insane. The only other liquids I've had are the occassional diet tea... (still diet, not carbonated, better than diet soda I guess) and a few glasses of OJ. But seriously.. WATER!

So I really do feel like I've been giving it the old college try. I don't have to drop a ton.. but even 10 lbs in 1 month would make me feel so much better about things. I was thinking I really wanted to drop 30-40 by Afest, so maybe 10 lbs is way more than I should be expecting. Still, I can't help but feel a litte jealous that my work out partner (who weighs herself constantly& neurotically) claims to have lost over 20 lbs. I don't keep a scale in the house, and after only 3 week, yes, I still look down and see a fat person :P I do feel that I have a teensy bit more muscle definition, though. So if anything, even if my weight doesn't change this month I'd have to rationalize it by saying I've gained muscle mass. This is a good thing too, because it leads to a higher metabolism, more fat burned, stronger bones, and less chance of early osteoperosis.. but still.. I'd like to see somthing encouraging.. number-wise :P

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