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24 April 2008 @ 11:00 am
Yup, chicken stock makes a huge difference  
There's still some bizzare packaging-flavor in the couscous I can't quite shake, but the chicken stock made a world of difference.

I was going to cook for the Beffenator last night, but it didn't work out :( We were planning on hanging out, but one of the roofers I talked to the day before said they needed a supervisor's opinion as to what to do with our roof, so I was waiting all afternoon to talk to them again yesterday. They finally cleared out by 7, and I hung out with the husband the rest of the night. Maybe we'll get to do somthing Friday instead.

I did get a lot of crap done yesterday, though so I guess that's good. I hit up the gym Mon& Tues, so I didn't go Weds to take a day off. I'm planning on going today and tomorrow, though.. and that'll meet my 4 days a week. I'd thought about doing more, but 4 seems like a pretty good number to me. I'm over my minimum, but I'm not going 3 days in a row.

Anyway.. since I didn't hit the gym yesterday, I was able to get a lot of general house stuff done. Kitchen cleaned up, etc. I also got a hair cut because the front layers were getting too long to look cute D: So I had that all trimmed. I think when I say short he always cuts it a little shorter than I'm expecting, but it's all good. I also mailed some stuff off that I'd been meaning to send out for a while. LAWL. The car was about out of gas, so I filled the tank up and got a little depressed. Gas prices seriously need to go down :( Food prices are rising, too, and now I'm hearing about rice shortages and all sorts of bad things. It's enough for me to want to build a blast shelter underground and start stockpiling grains and canned goods.

In the meantime, thoguh, I'll still be here... trying to clean up the clutter of my house :P
We've been working on a lot of serious home improvemnet stuff lately, so it would be a bad time for the apocalypse. We could have been spending the house money on hedonistic adventures around the world!
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Nerdy Temptressbevo on April 24th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
Its funny you bring up the apocalypse..nick has started stock piling rice and bottles of water..like the end of the world is near. I make fun of him..but who knows he meay be on to something...