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I don't feel like dealing with more tech support today

The city inspectors came by and approved our sewage work, so I think the plumbers will finally be able to come in and fill the holes in and make our yard look somewhat normal again. I was hoping it would be sometime this morning, so it wouldnt conflict with my workout schedule today, but they had to wait on the inspectors to come by before they could finish the work. Matt is staying up to play WoW, so I don't think he'll get much sleep today. I think if he's still up at 3:30, I'll hit the gym anyway, regardless as to whether or not the plumbers have made it over yet or not. Today is the first day of week 3! I can't slack off this early.

Computer problems are still persisting, because I had to wait until monday to talk to the tech support of the company that makes this antivirus/firewall program... but I just don't feel like talking to them today. Matt says we should just uninstall it and get somthing else, but it feels way too much like I'm giving in and letting myself get ripped off. I want to call and get them to fix this thing we paid for and not just sit back and get buttraped with this stupid firewall.

If the plumbing stuff happens today, and the computer stuff happens soon-ish, I think that I will have had all the excitement I need for at least the rest of the week. Oh yeah! I was woken up early today because it was Orkin day, too. Our bug guy always sees the best of me, while I'm staggering around the house in pjs trying to hold my hair into a ponytail while I look for a scrunchie. He seemed pretty horrified of my amazing stories of cockroach hatchings and the genocide I carried out on at least 2 dozen baby cockroaches. I was pretty horrified at the time, but hey.. if we're having problems, gotta let them know. He swapped our pesticides so the roaches wouldn't get too used to what we had down, and I gave him a thumbs up and wondered how bad my morning breath smelled.

I've also been trying to think of many amazing ways to cook chicken breast. I think part of the reason I have trouble sticking to healthier diets is because I'm too lazy to go to the store, and trying to preserve fresh chicken/fish/veggies at my house is hard. I know I love food and I gobble it down like WHOAH, but Matt doesn't really "get" some of the things I cook. So a lot of the time, I'm cooking for 1. If I buy a few perishable veggies, I'd find myself going to the grocery store once a week.. or biweekly, which is way more for my lazy ass. I was thinking about just buying a case of chicken and thawing it out little by little over the course of the next year, but our freezer kinda sucks, and most of it would get freezerburned in the space of 3 weeks :P

I did make these really great psuedo-mexican fajita wraps the other day.

There's this chicken rub that Fiesta makes that is just awesome.. (that I appparently can't find anymore at our local HEB) If I flatten some chicken and rub that in, I can pan fry it with a little bit of butter, a bunch of onions& pepper, and it's great. I then sprinkle on some parmesian and a few spritzes of balsamic salad dressing and eat them wrapped in lettuce leaves. I know the whole parm/balsamic thing sounds kinda funky with mexican spices but it works in a weird way, and it's really just very tasty.

I also did lemon-pepper chicken with steamed broccoli on a bed of tri-color couscous, and that was tasty too. I am still having problems shaking that processed/stored flavor in the couscous, though. I was reading online that you can make it with a chicken stock base instead of water, and I think that might help. So I also bought a bunch of chicken stock.

I have a bottle of white wine.. chicken stock... arborrio rice...parmesian cheese.
This screams another rissoto attempt, but I'm really afraid I have no talent for it. I think I might want to buy some mushrooms and some real butter before I give the risotto a shot again. I saw this "risotto for idiots" show on the food network a while back that called for a traditional recipie+ mushroom+ asparagus. I can honestly say that I never once in my life recall eating asparagus, but it sounds like it could be fun. As tasty as it might be, I've always just circumvented the veggie because I don't want funny-smelling bodily fluids. I smell weird enough as-is.
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