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No, this is not a girly parts post! HAHA

After all the exciting drama with our plumbers, they did in fact send someone out to give us an estimate on having our work done. They have a magic way of doing it that doesn't dig up your yard, too. I wanted to stay angry with these guys for a bit over the billing grief, but they send one of the owners out to talk to us, and they offered to clear some annoying brush away from the area they were working, as well as fix the sprinkler system our old plumbers broke.. for free D: So we caved and went with them. I don't think we'll be dissappointed. I feel stubbornly upset that I was sweet talked, but ultimately I think we did choose the best route. I think they're going to rev up the chainsaws starting tomorrow :O

I feel so motivated to get important house crap taken care of after I come back from the gym for some reason. I think it's a good thing.

I've managed to only remember to take multivitamins every other day, though :/ I bought some choco-mint viactiv, and I think this will help me remember to take them. I used to take these regularly a few years ago, but I forgot to restock one day and didn't buy them again for years XD I figure that since I'm in my late 20's, I should really pay more attention to my calcium intake anyway.. and it will really help with bone density while I work out. The weight lifting will help stave off osteoperosis if I keep at it, too. But really, I like the Viactiv chews because I get to eat one thing a day that's magically tasty like candy and not feel bad about it later XD I also learned that these are a favorite dessert for anorexics :O


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