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Ewwww. It's mostly whining about stuff breaking, but it involves water and foam and stinky things.

I woke up feeling kinda icky yesterday and fully expected it to be a horrible day. But it wasn't :O

Today has been an adventure in suck, though. I woke up on my own at 3AM. WTF sleep schedule?
I'm trying my best now to stay up until at least 10 or so.. otherwise my sleep schedule is just totally doomed.

I ended up hitting the store since Matt insists there is no food in the house (Translation: WTB hamburgers& pizza- Will not eat anything with a weird name like Couscous, and can't/won't cook anything more complicated than a few minutes in the microwave) I brought home coffee and muffins and all sorts of great stuff, but he was asleep :( So, I got with the intarwebz and the housework, etc.
Something was bothering me, though.




Me: Is the cat eating his butt again?

Cat: ZZZzzzzz

Me: Oh-crap-roof-is-leaking-funny-again

... But lo and behold, there is no strange water driping from the light in the computer room like I expected.

More drips...

I cocked my head to the side and tried to figure out where this was coming from. I wasn't running the washer, the dishwasher, any of the sinks, and the AC was off. The cat wasn't making noisy wet licking noises, and Mr. Fishie is firmly locked in his tank, so there really was no reason for this persistent dripping noise. Now, I know that there is a persistent dripping leak in the tub in the guest bathroom. That's the cat's playground when he thinks we aren't watching. But that's not what it was, because I can't hear that from the computer room.

At this point, I believe I am going quite mad.

I turned on all the lights around the computer room and wandered around like a leper, half-hopping, half dragging my foot around the carpet hoping to find evidence of a wet spot or some sort of roof leak. The sky has been blue all day with nary a cloud in sight, and all that crap. But that's hasn't stopped the room from mysteriously leaking from light fixtures before.

No dice.

I started looking in closets, since last year our hot water heater decided it would be AWESOME to spray water quietly all over the wall, on the floor, and soak all the carpet and subcarpet padding in the hallway.

No problem there

Finally, I check the washer. I noticed the laundry came out a little wetter than usual from the spin cycle the day before, and I didn't really think anything about it. I hadn't run it since then, but when I looked in the drum of the washer today, there was about 4-5 inches of standing water saying hello T..T And then I see the drip. So now the washer is dripping water in a magical way from under the lid and I have no idea why or how to stop it. I figured the best thing to do would be to wait until Matt wakes up and tell him about it. I kind of don't want to, because he always gets pissy when I tell him something in the house is broken. I try my best not to tell him about broken house things first thing when he wakes up, because that usually gives him an excuse to have a miserable day and yell at the computer. There's enough of that already kkthx >:O

So, that minor inconvenience aside, I decide to get the kitchen cleaned up and prepare Mr. Fishie for a tank cleaning. I think something is wrong with him. He's been failing at eating lately. He can't seem to grab the food anymore. He'll charge it like he used to, but it's like his mouth isn't grabbing it or something. I don't know. I've been saying for like 2 months now that he's probably going to die soon since he's been acting all depressed, totally unexcited about food, and failing at the mouth-moving. He must be getting SOME food, though, because he's hanging in there...


Cleaning. Right. Let's have more adventures with appliances! I got the dishes set to run as usual, and about 5 min after I start the dishwasher, it's vomiting suds all over the floor. It's not supposed to do that. And it's making a LOT. Seriously, it's like straight out of a cartoon. I'm staring at it while it continues to belch foam, wtf is wrong with it when I decide to open it up and have a look. Bad idea! There's even more foam inside the dishwasher, and by cracking the door, I've let a lot of it out to play on the floor. I still don't know what caused it. I have a hunch, though. I put in the same ammount of soap as usual, and it's just regular dishwashing liquid. I did, however, spray some foaming dish soap on my cutting boards to try and liberate some crusty ick chicken that didn't come off in the previous cycle. I scrubbed the hell out of them, and then put them in the dishwasher. The only thing I can figure is that there was still some soap left on them and they had a big foam orgy in the washer and conspired to make my floor gross and sudsy at the same time.
I've been running 3 straight rinse cycles trying to drain it all out of there. At first, I was incredibly worried that something was seriously wrong with the drainage on it and I'd be stuck with a dishwasher filled with fetid, stagnant water. It LOOKS like it's draining though (and not on my floor anymore), so I have high hopes I will actually get to run the dishwasher sometime in the near future.

All this amazing trouble with appliances that use water made me decide to deal with the ongoing plumber drama.

Everyone knows our plumbing is old and bad. We have problems about every 4-6 months like clockwork, and every 4-6 months the plumbers tell us we really need to get some expensive work done to make sure they don't have to see us every 4-6 months. I finally decided to get some estimates on work to have this done, so I called our usual plumbers a month or so ago. They scheduled someone to come out, and they were so booked we'd have to wait over a week. I was cool with that, and we made arrangements to make sure people were going to be awake in the house the day they were scheduled to come. Instead, they called us saying they were canceling and they would not send anyone to our house anymore until we paid them what we owe them.

Did I mention the whole Becky Anniston drama already? Ugh. Don't get me started with that.
Due to some sweet older man's inability to spell, we've been dealing with billing hell since January. Every time I call to clear things up, they say it shows we've paid, we don't have to worry about anything else, and that everything is fine. Then something new pops up. This time, it was the plumbers deciding they don't know how book-keeping works and refusing to send out people for things like free estimates.

I decided I wasn't going to deal with that crap, and I would get an estimate from some other dude, but he's not available until next week. I'm cool with that, though, and I can wait. I did, however, want to call the old plumbers back and try to straighten things out with them once and for all, to try and figure out why they hate us so much. I asked for some sort of manager type person, and was given the usual run around, so I stalked to the receptionist chick. I was pretty angry and ran out of breath, but I think I did well. I mean, I didn't yell at the poor phone jockey or anything. I was just too frustrated with the whole situation to breath, which probably made it sound like I was going to break down in tears at any moment. I wasn't, but it was still embarrassing none-the-less. Of course, she couldn't help me at all. Magic!
She did offer to send someone down right away today for an estimate, which is about the only thing she COULD do. I told her I really wasn't sure I ever wanted to do business with them again because I was angrycakes, but that I appreciated she was trying to rectify the situation and that I would take her up on the estimate (because.. frankly.. I have nothing better to do with my time today XP) She said it would be about an hour, and that was about 2 hours ago. LOL! Oh receptionist, you should be glad I am not my father or I would have threatened your business and livelyhood in so many interesting and legal ways. I feel that I was pretty nice, though, all things considered. I just can't get that mad at these people even when they are sometimes idiots (like the one I talked to 3 months ago about the billing problem). You work in retail or any type of customer service for any extended period of time and you know how soul-sucking it is, so it's nice when pissed off people keep their cool.

Considering I've been up for quite a while today and that I'm going to continue to try to stay up, I can only imagine what other wonderous adventures are in store for me in the house :O I mean, really, it's all just been one big pile of annoying, but still :O

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