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Dead Day

It used to be a week, but Baylor's cheap. Ah well..
First final starts tomorrow.. I think. I need to re-check it.. It really sucks this semester.. I have 3 8:00 am exams.. ( I never even had to wake up that early for work OR class) and then on my last exam day, I have a 2-4 pm exam followed by a 5-7 pm exam. What the heck?!? I've never had an exam that late before...
Oh.. and here's the funny part.. I have some of those 8 am exams on saturdays.
Gotta love it...
In any case.. Stalkers beware.. there's not going to be much to look at anymore. Until I get contacted form Hastings, or any of the other places I'm applying to, there won't be much cel-buying activity from me. I have to get a 3rd book as it is. My Akuma Shinzo is finally off from work, and we're thinking about going to the Scarbourough fair Ren. Fest. this weekend.. either saturday after one of my exams, or Sunday.. haven't decided yet. I'm thrilled because I think this is going to be the first time I've gone when I haven't been living through the woman's curse. I should really go out andbuy some new shorts& new summer gear... tank tops, etc.
Life is good. ^..^


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