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Do you lika da Svetty Balls?

Or are you a fan of the Svetty weiners?

Anyway... We learned the cycle of the gym yesterday and did our work out. After we finished, we hit the store so I could get some veggies, and we did a nice chicken/broccoli stir fry.

I woke up this morning at 9:34 AM feeling.. pretty good! I was a little sore, but it wasn't even in my arms or legs. It was along the muscles on the sides of my back :O
I remembered to have a healthy breakfast.. holy crap! And then I had the leftover stir fry for lunch

I hit up the gym for a second day! ZOMGZ! ... then we had curry for dinner :D

So far so good :O I just wanted to post after I started so people would know that I was... you know... actually doing it. hah


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