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So yeah.. shojou manga. It's like a scab or a sunburn. You're kind of embarassed to be seen with it in public, and at home it's uncomfortable, sometimes painful, but you can't stop picking and peeling at it.

I was catching up on the latest Bleach and found a place that had Nana. Normally I just go out and buy volumes of stuff I am interested in, but I don't think I would have normally picked up Nana on my own. I mean, there are a ton of you out there on the Flist that love it and have read the manga/seen the anime/watched the live action movies, etc... but really, all I knew about it was that it had a female heroine that was a musician, prominently featured Vivienne Westwood stuff, and was from the creator of Paradise Kiss& Gokinjo Monogatari.

Whether she realized it or not, applcheeks had managed to get me to watch some of the Parakiss anime back when it first came out. I never finished it, but the first few episodes seemed really good! :X George pissed me off.

Also, I feel that it may be pertinent to note that the only really horribly sappy girl's romance that I'll totally admit to liking was Marmalade Boy.. and that was something Matt and I watched together.. and we only watched the first season because we're chickens who liked the ending where everyone is happy and matched up with who they are supposed to be with. And I kinda had a fling with Peach Girl, but got over it pretty quickly. I still do love Marmalade Boy, though :X (BTW- Whey did Miki always wear the world's most horrible clothing?)


Nana pisses me off!

Yes, it's super-addictive and what seems to me to be your typical girl's manga about relationships, etc, with a bit of an "edgy" tone. If edgy means sex& rock& roll. But yeah.
I had no idea that Nana was really about two Nanas and not just the one in the band. I think that's what initially drew me in when I figured I'd read a page or two. And really, all it takes is one love scandal to suck you in. 4 days later, and I've caught up with everything that's been published as far as I know XD And oh the drama! What I find ironic is that I like Nana/Nana, but I don't really like Hachi/Nana that much.. and it's probably because overall I think I relate to Hachi the most XD. I think overall, I'm not a huge fan of the genre, though, because I find these stories incredibly depressing. There are parts of Hachi-Nana's story that really strike a chord with me. I'm able to draw infinitely more parallels between our two lives than with any of the other characters, and maybe that's why I hate her character so much.

My sleep schedule is very messed up right now. I haven't slept yet and I'm posting this at 6:30 AM, and I don't feel the slightest bit tired yet. I was cleaning the house and feeling productive and trying to make the house look nicer while I was thinking about the manga. Somehow I had somthing much more profound to talk about but now I can't really remember it and that also makes me sad. The sun hasn't started to come up yet, and that's kind of weird. I will probably get sleepy when it does, even though I wanted to go out today and do stuff. Maybe tues


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