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Hahaha cosplaylawl

I should update my Mayuri costume and get some more milage on it. I mean, yeah, I just redid all the little gold facecups and I haven't worn it again since then.


I finally caught up on the manga because I was tired of forgetting to DL the new episodes of this very silly show, and I saw that Mayuri updated his wardrobe. I mean, the garments are all exactly the same, which is so much less work for me. But now his mask/hat looks amazingly ridiculous. And just think.. if I made that, it would be like having a whole other new costume! LAWL!
So I wonder if this link here works

Color scheme is the same... black/white face, gold helm around the face..and the new addition of ugh.. that amazing.. stuff... on top... There's a colored page that has that blue. I was thinking it kind of looked like really stiff hair, but I also noticed the top it seemed kinda roundish like maybe.. you know... hedwig hair XD
To make it travel-freindly and sturdy, though, it would be so much better to have them solid.
Further along, though, there's a pretty blasphemous splash page featuring Mayuri with a goat head sitting cross-legged.. which kinda obviously points out the inspiration for his new.. uh.. headdress... which would make the amazing blue thingies more like horns. Since they're colored blue and his hair color is that royal blue, I think I could just make big styrofoam horns and cover them in hair and it would be the best of both worlds.

I think I could get away with sewing a new spandex cowl with even less makeup work this time.. and making a headdress that would fit snugly around the sides and curve over the back. I could weight the horns so it wouldn't have to get tied on, and that would be spiffy.

It seems like the most amazingly awesomely ghetto way to make a new costume, and so much less work than that Sarah costume XD HAHA

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