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And... 5 year get!

It's past midnight, so I guess it's not our anniversary anymore, but you get the idea :P
I absolutely spoiled Matt rotten for his birthday.. running out and getting him starbucks and cooking him steakypoos, etc. Today though I was quite a bit more lazy, so we went out to Olive Garden for a late lunch. Yay! XD

In somewhat older news, I recently acquired new vacuum cleaners. Again yay! Our old hoover made a horrible stink every time I tried to use it. I spent more time cleaning hair, thread, and cat fur out of the roller than actually vacuuming, and while it didn't really seem to clean that well, it did a great job of making the house stink of burnt hair and popcorn. And seriously, why do most burning things smell like they've got a few popcorn kernels in them when you haven't had popcorn in over a year?

This all seems terribly familiar and I think I've visited all this before.


While I've been running the roomba regularly and enjoying how much it scares the cat, I hadn't really had a chance to test the Bissell out yet. Oh Emm Gee
It really sucks!
I mean, I was reading in the reviews "Wow, you'll be so surprised at how much it picks up! LOLOLOL" etcetc.. but you always end up attributing a certain amount of that to corporate viral asshattery. This is a really nice machine so far, though. The attachments are all pretty nice.. especially the rubbery ones. I puttered around the house with it for only a little bit, but I had to empty the can about 3 times :O

I realized earlier today that it was upsetting the cat, though. And I think I've figured out why.

Senpu has his very own special way of cleaning. I believe it's a fur filtration system, where he attempts to evenly distribute dense nests of cat hair all over the house. These decentralized nets then filter out all dirt and particulate matter, protecting the carpet. The only downside to this is he doesn't really feel the need to then get rid of the dirt. And he gets upset when I disrupt his complex web of fur. Thank you Senpu, but it's really very disgusting.


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