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Happy Birthday Matt!

I've got to go out to pick up stuff to cook for him and get him a cake. I fail at baking, so I'm going the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake route. I could get a traditional one from HEB, but ice cream cakes are more fun. I have to head to the store anyway to temporarily assuage his wagyu steak addiction.

Voted in the primaries, yay. I decided our voting process sucks. Why can't I just vote for whoever I want? It makes no sense. I should have started voting earlier so I would have had even more time to complain about being pegged democrat or republican on my voter card. Whateva! Maybe the general election is different, but even for our local city and county elections, the screen limited me to democrat

I still haven't hit the store yet for supplies for that Sarah costume. I've been feeling super lazy lately. I really wanted to make sure I went out before my UBERSALE coupons expired, but it's too late to use them now. Now I only have a 40% off coupon to use. And that's fine too. But blah. There's no more hancock's anymore, so I think I have to order boning off the internet XP


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