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So... Waco, why are you so cold out today? WTF. Is this going to be another snow-in-April year?

Matt's mom is visiting, so I haven't played my Lost Odyssey game in a few days. I'm getting so close to the end! I'm still trying to decide what to do about the costume. I haven't bought any materials for it yet. I still have time to back out!! Especially since I've been such a bum about sewing lately. I think I'll probably end up going out weds while I still have Jo Ann's coupons, though :X That way, I can buy myself a few more dressmaker's pencils, an medium-smallish embroidery hoop, and some fabric to kick things off with. I'll also have to look into getting some orange, green, and purple fabric paint to use with the airbrush. I may be able to use some of the leftovers from Arshtat, but I'm not sure it's dark enough. Maybe I have a little bit of black to mix with it or somthing XP I need to make it eggplant.

I called the Bernina shop a few days ago, wondering where my sewingbaby went, and they were like "LOLZ! It's in the done pile! We just didn't call you! HAHAHA" So, I decided to be all productive and crap and go and pick it up, then pick up some stuff to do a little house repair (A toilet needed a new handle, and I found one that matched our faucets and I was super happy)... get some grocery shopping done.. you know, stuff like that. I got my lever picked out and headed down to the Bernina shop. When I got there, they couldn't find the machine, and THEN they were like "LOLZ! You can't have it! It's broken!" And I was like ">:O WUT"
Apparently, they got all the cleaning and servicing out of the way, and decided to play musical sewing machines with the piles of things needing work. When I called someone was messing with another organized pile or something. I don't know. In any case, they finished half the work on the machine, and the timing is messed up so amazingly that they had to call some other guy in to look at it, and there's no telling when I'll get it back. I'm not in a rush, so I'm ok with leaving it there. It just makes me sad that I was in super productive mode, and couldn't bring it home :(

It's really ok, though, because I still haven't sent in my ginghers. I think I will make a mail day where I will mail out my scissors, a few packages I have sitting around for other people, and a huge box of stuff Makoto doesn't want. At this point, I know she will probably trash everything but the sewing stuff. But seriously, at this point... it's like... divine retribution XD It's been sitting here waiting for me to mail it out. And damn it, I'm going to mail it out and make her sort through it! lol! (At least there arn't any green, furry bagels in this one)

I did, however, go out and pick up a new vacuum cleaner. The old one made the house smell like burnt hair and popcorn when I ran it, so Matt wouldn't let me vacuum and the floors would get gross. We picked up a new Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. I'll let you guys know how that turns out. It's supposed to be a good machine. It's supposed to really suck.
Matt's mom bought us a robot for Christmas, too :D We now have a roomba! It's such a cool little gadget. It doesn't really look like it's doing much of anything when it runs. It bumps into a lot of stuff and sounds angry. But it can run itself back to it's charging base, and when I go to clean it out.. holy crap! It's been picking up a ton of cat hair. You can program these little laser walls to tell it not to go in the kitchen or wherever.. and it just zooms around doing it's little thing. It makes happy little noises when it starts, stops, and goes home to the charger, and it's just generally really cool. XD I can't wait to see how the cat reacts to it. So far, he's been hiding under the bed all weekend, scared of my mother-in-law's dog. He peed all over our bed :( :(:(


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