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WTF mate?

Dear Ralph Nader:

Don't you think it's a little late to enter the presidential race?
I mean, the primaries are already underway O..o
Not that you are vying for a democratic or republican nomination, since you are a wacky independant.
But seriously D: Did you just get bored and decide to throw your name in there for shits& giggles?
It seems completely futile to join this late in the race when the huge campaigns of the demo-republi-hopefuls started.... last year. I mean, I suppose he's already got a name for himself from the last time he ran, but reading the news today that he's decided to join made me just go.

(P.S. I really just wanted to use this icon that I made like last year for when I talk about politics at least ONCE before the end of the administration. Even though I don't really talk politics. But still, it's awesome. It's from a painting by comic artist Alex Ross)


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