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Between now and August

What can I get accomplished?
I've been asking myself the past 2-3 days to find some attainable goals by Afest.
I found the next costume I'd really like to do, but it has an insane ammount of detail. Surely if I got started I'd be able to get it done in time? I did a pretty good job finishing Asshat between Expo and Afest after all. I think it's a cool design, and looks pretty comfy :O

In somewhat related news, my sewing machine is super sad right now. I had to take it in to the Bernina place and abandon it for repairs. Before I start a new project, I need to get the machine back in, and find the sheath for my ginghers so I can send those out for repairs, too. Due to a few misunderstandings on the part of the males that have needed scissors and spent any ammount of time in my house, my nice scissors need to be repaired. They need a sharpening, the blades need to be rebalanced, and the nicks need to be ground out of them. The Gingher people are super awesome when it comes to their own products, so I can send them in to them for 8 bucks, and they'll take care of me. I just don't want to mail them unsheathed. XP

There's a lot I would LIKE to do on this costume, including gradient airbrushing and quilting and stuff. The quilting I will probably do by hand too since it's small and complex. It's an ambitious project.. especially if I decide to make props or anything like that.
Maybe I just want to make it because I've been wrapped up in this game so much lately XD

As an aside, I've been watching Utawarerumono slowly over the past few months through Netflix. I saw the last volume today and it totally pissed me off >:O
I also realized I'd been missing the omake for the first four volumes, and that made me kinda sad. As a habit, I just don't look at bonus features on anime DVDs. It's always the same crap. Clean opener/closer+trailers for other series in completely unrelated genres. The Utaware DVDs actually have animated omake on them O..o (Favorite is still the one on Blue Seed, though, where the characters are pointing out which drawers on a desk will open and shut because the backgrounds are slightly different colors from the moving drawer cels :X)

Also- The 100000 newtype "commercials" on the DVDs make me a sad panda
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