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Waco.. WTF.. srsly.. zomgz

I went out today to buy some pork chops to grill tomorrow. I was watching this cooking show on some random channel the other day. I really didn't like the guy's personality because he seemed so nervous and fidgety. And really, do you want to take cooking instructions from a guy that looks so nervously excited to be behind the camera that he doesn't know what he's doing?? :O
But strangely enough, I've already cooked 2/3 of the recipies I've seen on his show, and I'm doing the marinade for the pork chops I'm grilling tomorrow XD

ANYWAY.. So I went to the store and saw somthing amazing
Our HEB has kobe beef. WTF
If you don't know anything about it. Wikipedia FTW.
Now, it was being advertised as Kobe beef, not Kobe-style beef, and it rang up as Wagu (as in the type of cow), so I was pretty excited. Granted, the steaks I bought were about 18 bucks a peice..but holy cow! (lawl) In all likelyhood, these are steaks from Wagyu cattle raised here in Texas. I have to admit, though, the marbling was amazing, and the meat itself was a slightly darker shade than the usual beef steaks we see at the store. It just looked tasty even raw XD

After grilling, though... Oh man D: These were probably the best steaks either of us had ever had. Granted, I charred mine a little on a corner, and I slightly over-seasoned them.. I was really paranoid about the seasoning. Usually on lower grades of beef, we salt the heck out of them and add pepper. I really didn't want to over-do it on these, so I did use salt and pepper, but not much salt at all. And in the end, it tasted slightly over-salted. These steaks were 3/4 in thick and soooo amazingly tender and awesome. I would totally do this again, but next time, I won't salt them at all. It's hard to imagine these were the best steaks EVAR even with such amatuer preparation XD

Matt is a steak sauce person. No matter where we go, whether we cook at home or go to a nice steak house, he always drowns it in A-1, and he ate this entire steak without a drop of sauce. I was seriously impressed D:

I don't have much to update, but I have to say I'm lovin the beef :X


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