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Usually the other costuming comunities are calm and "boring" in the good, polite sort of way where everyone can get a good pat on the ass for whatever textile monstrosity you've churned out lately. I subscribe to about three different communities based on my interest in costuming, and I always expect the most idiocy and venom from the cosplay community. However! The general costuming group was really amusing today! And I have to admit, it it kinda because of cosplayers, in a roundabout sort of way, but they didn't start things this time :O

tl;dr version:
Pretensious fantasy costumer poopoohs anyone who would have the gall to be a copycat and make a clone of an outfit from any other source! She can't understand WHY ON EARTH anyone would WANT to sew somthing that someone has made before, or even use a pattern! EXPRESSIVE USE OF CAPS and life story is utilized to stress that she's trying VERY HARD to understand why everyone can't be a creative individual JUST LIKE HER.

mmm.. popcorn


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