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With valentine's day fast approching I remembered a bit too late that this is the most stressful part of the year for me. Valentine's day.. then a scant few weeks until husband's birthday and our wedding anniversary the following day. It's kind of tradition to gift on all of those days, and I don't know what I am going to do.
It's been made worse by the fact that I've already received my anniversary gift. In fact, I'm using it right now :O Matt got me this amazing new computer, monitor& keyboard. The keyboard lights up and is supposed to have all these nifty programmable macro buttons. I like that it can go purple.
The monitor is freakin' huge and currently running at some insane resolution. I think it's like 1920x1200 or somthing. And it looks great. The computer itself is super fancy too.. with a huge ass case like the one we dressed up with hulk hands a few months ago.
Quite obviously, there's no way I can top this :P There's no way I can match it even XD
And while that's not nessesarily my goal, it kind of overshadows anything I could possibly think of to do for our spring relationship-related holidays. Not that I've been able to think of anything XP

In the mean time, I've been preoccupying myself with the spring cleaning bug. I've been steadily doing all sorts of things I've never done to this house before. And honestly, it doesn't really look like it makes a lick of difference XD I'm starting to wonder why I'm doing it at all. But I am trying to declutter the house. I threw away a huge stack of burned PSX games that are only playable on our modded PSX. While the modded PSX is still functional and even hooked up, I don't really find myself having the urge to play the original syphon filter or obscure-crappy-fighting-game-puzzle-thing-platformer.
The act of getting rid of these illegally burned copies prompted the question: Where the hell is the folder with all our legit PSX games?

Two days of hunting later, I found it in a rather obvious place- next to the stored empty cases of games already in wallets.

I had to go play a few stages of Bust-A-Groove (Kitty N stage music in the first one is so catchy) and discovered that much to my chagrin, I somehow own two copies of the first Persona game. And you know what? I don't even really remember beating it. In fact, I'm sure that sometime before Nocturne came out, I was itching for an SMT game, popped it in, and turned it off within 30 min of being attacked by dated graphics and the confusing world map. I'm SURE I've played it though because I remembered all the characters. It's sad that I don't even remember playing it, but it is over 16 years old D:
Anyway, I decided that since I didn't really remember much of the last half of the game, and I'm still procrastinating with beating Kuzunoha Raidoh AND Persona 3, I might as well pop in Persona Revelations and play it through. I mean, if I'm not anal about filling up my compendium with all the persona fusions I can beat it fast, right?.... right?!? LAWL

Amazingly enough, I wasn't totally put off by the graphics, though. I mean, they really haven't come that far for THAT series I guess.. harhar
I do, however, find myself getting all the plot points confused with the Shin Megami Tensei NES emulation I was playing on my Xbox like a year or two ago, though :X
lalala.. get some key to break into some warehouse..
lalala... maze of shipping containers..
lalala.... wasn't this in DDS2? HAHAHA

I can't really rib on the series for being that inscestuous with backgrounds/"dungeons"/story since the series has thrived off of the same small handful of themes and character designs for uh.. decades. Wow
I guess it does sound pretty bad, but it still seems fresher than Final Fantasy to me, if not a dank, stanky series living on the underbelly of popular opinion. I mean, who really would have expected a role playing adventure about shooting the various aspects of your soul out of your body in a violent way.. would just totally take off? DATINGSIMLOL

You know.. I was always totally sad that in the english release of Azure dreams, I couldn't make the flaming guy move into my house and fall head over heels for me like the millions of girls you could recruit. But that's neither here nor there.

As I continue to dredge the storage areas of this house, I'm finding all sorts of stuff we're either just not into anymore or we don't really need. Some of it... like the 1996 how-to-use-paintshop-pro-on WIN95 are just not nessesary anymore. That stuff is easy to throw away. But I know I have tons of stuff just sitting around that I don't need anymore.. like Beast Wars action figures? When was I into that anyway? HAHAHA... Can't even unload it on Ebay. I'm pretty sure they won't have any sort of value anytime soon, and they're all loose because I like playing with transformers :X If I knew anyone with an 8 year old that wouldn't choke on the small peices, they'd get a box full of toys from crazy aunty Becky.... But as it stands, I don't even know what to do with most of this crap.

I found a huge box of unpainted model peices. I had two little sailor moon kits I never finished because they were HK knockoffs made with like.. the world's most disgusting resin... it was very sticky and I couldn't work with it. I also have a half-painted Berserk kit that would look amazing assembled if I could only get the peices to fit. A lot of these take a lot of creativity with the exacto knife and the sandpaper, and I never had the patience to finish fiddling with them. Maybe I should go back to those and work on them some more. An easy option would be to dump it all in the trash too XD I'm making bags and bags of trash right now, and the house still looks the same as it has.. I guess when I decide to stash a bunch of crap someplace where it won't be seen, though, I'll have a lot more room to do it :X

As a somewhat unrelated side-thought...
I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately. I've also found myself having strange ideas here and there while I'm puttering around the house. Maybe my brain is screaming for more mental stimulus, or maybe I'm going crazy in a great way. I don't know. Regardless, I've decided to start writing these little blurbs down in my sketch book. I don't pretend to be an amazing author or anything, but maybe sometime I'll feel inspired enough to draw these little bits and chunks together into one cohesive story. I've always thought that to be an Author you'd need some time under your belt. You'd have to reach the ripe old age of Author and be well read. At this time in my life, I don't really feel that I am either. And really, I think that's what separates your Gaiman from your Paolini. You can honestly say that an Author like Neil Gaiman has put old ideas together in a new an interesting way. But the Eragon stuff.. hmm.. I've read in more than one place that many people who have read through the series.. say that is seems like bastard child of a drunken one night stand between Darth Vader and all of Middle Earth. I don't even really want to go into how fanficky the last half of Harry Potter felt, or even Star Wars itself.... I wouldn't want to create somthign that felt that way to me, and I feel personally that maybe I just haven't experienced enough or read enough or seen enough or travelled enough to convey a collection of ideas in a new and interesting way. I suppose if it was somthing I was passionate about, I'd be figuring out ways to fix that... mostly by immediately reading things I haven't. I have the travel stuff slowly coming together.. But really is this nothing more than a passing attempt to find somthing I feel I'm good at? I always feel like I'm inferior at everything anyway so I don't really think I get TRUELY passionate about this sort of thing. But hey, I have sketchbooks full of stuff! :O

I have a feeling that I take after my father more and more :P
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