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Whoa, Feb!

It's been a month and I still haven't finished my anual life-maintenance crap. Still have to take Mr. Bitey in for his vaccinations, and it's about time for anothr 6-month at the dentist again. At least THAT list is getting shorter! D:

The house list just seems to be getting longer and longer though XD Electrician and plumber are up next while I continue to fight the battle of the clutter inside. I got some massive cleaning done the week before last, when we had our first warm day of the year. I opened up a ton of windows and screen doors and really aired out half the house. It was nice, but my husband was apparently freezing, and stumbling around the house looking for a sweater :X I don't think it was that bad. I got some serious bug ick cleaned out of the screen doors, though, and a lot of scrubbing done on the countertops. Some days there's just somthing in the air that makes you want to tidy eerything up. I wish I could take everything out of the house and scrub it... then put everything back without dust XD

Celine was supposed to visit last weekend. She called twice to confirm, then never called to say she was coming. She didn't visit, and hasn't returned any of my phone calls since. The first 5 times this happened, I'd get worried. Now I don't know where she is or why she isn't answering the phone and I find myself glad I didn't go out and buy the cake yet. :/


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