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Flying out to white yeti land tomorrow

I should call relatives and figure out how I'm getting from the airport to the hotel, but I'm still having trouble getting over the fact that it's going to be colder than fuck and snowing.

I think I'll enjoy it, but living down here this long spoils you clothing-wise. You can pretty much wear whatever the hell you want year around. This means I don't have a whole lot of cold weather gear.
When I was looking at warm hats that would cover my ears, I had more options than I thought. I have this white thing with black snowflakes on it that mom bought me years ago that I haven't had occasion to wear yet. It's cute. I don't know if it's my style, but it's cute. I have the infamous deviruchi hat, as seen at pretty much every con I go to. It's a lot bigger than you'd think, and I can roll the brim down to cover my ears.
I also have the NIS PRINNY HELMET
I think this is superior because it has a big padded helmet section, retaining optimum body heat. It also has two flippers and an under-chin strap. This seems to be the obvious choice for keeping the ol brain pan thawed out. It's also AMAZINGLY, AMAZINGLY, amazingly stylish. I can't help but think this would also be the best choice to visit family in (most of whom I haven't seen in a long time)

My common sense is really getting in the way of the ovbivously superior headgear choice, though, and I'll probably end up wearing the devi hat in shame. I tried to get Ray to wear the prinny helmet, but he won't. I told him he could wear the other prinny cap I have and I'd wear the prinny helmet and we'd match and we'd never lose each other at the airport. He also said no.
Just think of how many people I could embarass merely by association if I was wearing this?!?!

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